Saturday, July 11, 2009

The inflation money finally has arrived

When I moved to UK about 6months ago I thought it was sort of a gamble since the pay was very low but I immediately realized that things was much cheaper here than in Sweden. I could buy a six-pack of beer at the nearest store for about 2/3 of the price in Sweden and vodka was less costly here than in Estonia (where I also have lived) But something has happen. Beer is now selling for around £5-6 which is about the same price as in Sweden. Cigarettes are even more expensive than in Sweden and when going to the store today I noticed an increased in prices on crisps (chips) with 100% since a week ago! And the milk I usually buy for £1,10 but today the price was £1,58 (also higher price than Sweden). One cannot take one store as an example, but I also took a walk around town and looked at suits. The suit I had planned to buy earlier cost £98, today the price was £125 – still kind of cheap, but a very large prince increase. I also looked at shirts, same thing; a significant price increase. I also stopped by a gaming store checking princes on Nintendo’s, also the same thing, a significant increase. Now maybe this place where I live isn’t the best indicator for UK and NueArbeit have heighten some taxes so one needs to check the numbers and make a none government approach to those before making any conclusions, but for me the facts are clear, prices are going way up and it is time to look for a move again.

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