Saturday, July 11, 2009

£100 offered

Professor Bob Carter torpedoes the “scientific consensus” on the climate HOAX

I earlier offered £50 to anyone that can offer me proof of man-made global warming. Let's up the offer again shall we? I now offer you £100. I will stay there but I could as easily go up to millions, it would not matter. This is a hoax, a scam, trickery, don't let them fool you.


  1. Cui prodest? Who stands to gain?

    This is a question that every thinking being (and from what I understand, you wish to see yourself as one) should ask itself when confronted with any statement of any kind.

    Who stands to gain from that everyone rejects man made climate change as a hoax? Is it the governments? No. Is it the general public? No.
    Is it the fossile fuel industry and the multinational capitalists? Yes! They are the ones who will loose the most money and influence from enviromental awareness. If you were just to follow the money trail you would see that this is most likely the case.

    All science needs to be questioned, or it is not science at all. Perhaps the threat from global warming is not as big as some say, but wouldn't it be better to apply the Swedish "försiktighetsprincip"?

  2. Of course science needs questions in order to supply an answer, but it is not science we are talking about here. As you, in a way, point out it is to some extent about money. However it is not about companies or big business, it is about “scientists” and environmentalist freaks that have the most to gain on this that should be in focus regarding the money trail. The number of people employed within this field grows exponentially for every new tax and new regulation. The very reason for existing for many of these groups comes from this, and other, hoaxes. Yes, companies loose money, which means we loose jobs and loose production, but the market adjust and businesses have since many years back tried to be “environmentally friendly” in order to gain customers.

    The other institution that stands to gain a lot from this scam is governments. Not only can they under the disguise of being environmentalists heighten taxes and impose more control, they can also increase the fear ration among the public. If people actually think that “the end is near” and also think that the only way to save us is by “collaboration” and “restrictions” they are more likely to turn to those in power i.e. government. Some political parties even lives of this stupid notion as their main issue.

    The third group is certain individuals like the fraud Al Gore that earns tens of billions while flying around in his fuel devouring airplane and while he go around pretending to know anything about chemistry and biology.

    The fourth group, and possibly the most important one, is journalists. Who earns more and gets more attention than a journalist pointing out the destruction of mankind and papers writing about disasters? A melting ice sheath is great news, that two ice sheaths are being formed at the same time is not really that exciting.

    There you have your criminals, but the real idiots are the general public buying into this crap. One of my friends is offering 5000kr for anyone that can prove scientifically that man-made global warming exists. I’m offering 100 pounds. Try to earn the money, you can’t, but it would be fun seeing at least someone try.