Friday, July 17, 2009

I support anti-gay activists…

Sometimes you need to side with the very strange people because it is the right thing to do. Today some woman-weasel from the Center Party (in reality a left party) has an article in one of Sweden’s newspapers claiming that a all pastor(s) should be forced to carry out marriages for people of the same gender. That a politician is considering using the mighty power of the state to force people within a certain faith and an entire organization to obey her (and presumably the governments) wishes is really scary and horrifying. In the article this unfathomable gibbering chimp concludes that this is a morality issue and that any pastor that ever wants to marry anyone also need to marry people of the same sex.

She is right; this is a morality issue, a big one. It is about the right of practicing your own religion and about freedom of choosing organization. It is about freedom of expression and the right to have own opinions. If some certain sect wants exclude gay, bi, trans or heterosexual from their caricature of communion, let them. This should be an absolute right for the individual as well as for the voluntary organization people choice to be a part of. If a couple - regardless if they are bearer of penises or vaginas or any sort of combination of the two - feel the urge to put a ring on a finger and utter some magical spells to feel connected, they have the right to do so, but they have no right using the almighty forces of the government to compel a man/woman/organization to marry 'em.

I don’t care about religion, I’m an atheist. And I do not care about any kind of priest/pastor/rabbi or anything else religious since I think that all those people are evil and stupid morons. What I do care about, however, is that every single human has the right to be as stupid or religious as he/she wants just as it’s not anyone’s God-damned motherfucking business who people wants to sleep with or engage in (un)holy matrimony with. If you feel that this marriage thing is so damn important; go to another church, find another priest, change religion, take a cruise and let the captain marry you or go to city-hall. There are even openly gay politicians that are happy to put on the wedlock. Just don’t run to the government or to some sniffling excuse of a human and cry about some organization that won’t let you put on a ring within their mist.

Throughout the ages people have been prosecuted and condemned for being gay. Why? Because some people won’t allow other people to be who they are, say what they want, feel what they want and act in a way they want. Tell me again, what is the mentioned article really saying and what is this issue really about uhm? Every gay person supporting this intrusive and, clearly, deeply anti-human policy should be ashamed and take a long hard look in the mirror. If you really want to be accepted for who you are, shouldn’t you accept others with the same curtsey?


  1. sex har inget med moral att göra

  2. I´m one of the "stupid morrons" that are studying to become pastor (priest is just catholic in english my friend) and do also think this is a pretty bad thibng to say from the women, especially when they last year sad that you alsways should have the right to say no as pastor.

    Most sad thing is that that women has the ability to deside how it should be done, the church if sweden is ruled of many politicans...

  3. Ah, true. Were going to write something about altarboys, forgot to change it. :))