Friday, July 17, 2009

And here we go...

Almost six months ago I predicted that all we really needed was another war, more protectionism, a pestilence and/or that one or a couple of big companies like General Electric (GE) started to show very bad figures and the recession will tip over to being a depression.

In the wake of Swiney Flu, which media and the power elite is trying their very best to use as excuse for their shortcomings, and with an increase in protectionism there isn’t much left. Of course I already believe we are in a depression, graphs already shows this, but for representatives of the enemy class (journalists, politicians) to really acknowledge this fact will take longer. Remember that the same thing happen during the “Great Depression”. While stocks plummeted, people lost jobs and the economy went straight downhill, politicians, journalists and “economist” claimed, far into the 30’s, that the recession was temporary and that they did see “Green shoots” in the economy. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

GE has today released the results of their 2nd quarter and the profits have been cut in half. Not really disastrous numbers, but still enough for executives to cut personnel or maybe even cry for some stimulus money. It will be fun to see what this quarter holds for us, but if my predictions are correct things will go from really bad to worse this autumn and then over to catastrophic (much worse than anything ever seen) next year and GE and other companies will follow the downturn.

So what we are really waiting for is another war. As mentioned before this can as easily be a civil war in China as well as an American (Israeli) attack on Iran. Not that this is really needed anymore, the economies of this world is doing worse than even I thought. But much higher oil prices would fit perfectly in this little mess, especially since a large portion of all oil is used for transporting food and other commodities across the seas so just imagine what such events might do for the dire situation in Africa or the already short supplies of water in China. To all of this we can add the USD that will not last much longer. Fun fun fun…

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