Monday, July 13, 2009

The future of movies

What the executives of a decaying Hollywood want to stop is not only the free information flow or people actually judging them online, no; they also want to stop the next step in the entertainment industry. There are already people writing books online, some even inviting others to take part in the writing. I have also noticed that the development of software with open codes is still growing, despite different governments best efforts. Thanks to another blogger (countingcats) I stubble upon this little masterpiece: IRON SKY.

This is, in my mind, the future of the movie business, or maybe even the future of all culture. I have been thinking about writing a book and have come very far with the planning and even written a couple of chapters, but I think that instead of going to a publisher I will follow these examples and post it online. Watch out for that in the near future, I promise good reading.

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