Thursday, July 2, 2009

Defaulting is increasing? No way.., really?

Despite dire economic realities, plummeting world trade and constantly increasing unemployment; real-estate prices are still going up. Of course this scenario is mainly thanks to the lunatics at the central banks keeping interest rates artificially low so people keep borrowing money they should not have to buy things they in reality cannot afford. While the depression keeps rolling on like an unstoppable juggernaut the collective debt in Sweden keeps growing. But even maddening shopping sprees need to come to an end sooner or later. Now it is reported that the defaulting levels have reached the record of Kr62,2 Billion which is an increase of 10% since last years already high levels. Some geniuses have figured out that; “people who went shopping on credit during the good times are now having problems paying back”. Oh, really? And the Sun rise from the east? A hot plate might burn you?

Since several of Sweden’s newspapers are writing this today, why cannot these toadies figure out the next steps in this hilarious soap?

Let’s connect the dots:
Deep recession (depression) --> Artificial very low interest rates (+billions of newly printed money) --> high borrowing rate --> higher prices --> Depression continues --> inflation sky-rockets --> higher unemployment --> More billions being printed and thrown into the system --> defaulting levels increasing --> inflation reach Weimar proportions --> Much higher interest rates (and higher unemployment) --> defaulting levels increasing --> people get wheel-barrows to buy a loaf of bread --> Dollar collapsing --> civil unrest --> Funny little men comes to power --> nuclear holocaust --> the cockroach inherits the earth

So while most of you monkeys are swallowing the smelly substance the enemy class are feeding us I’m trying to convince my friends and relatives to sell houses/apartments and get rid off everything that might hold capital for the long run. If possible get rid of debts and have no money or value whatsoever kept in banks or financial institutes. If you have stocks; sell! If you have government bonds; sell! And if you own real-estate; sell, sell sell! Most economists that have about the same opinion as me do think that Gold, Chinese commodities, the Japanese Yen or similar items might worth an investment, I’m not so sure. Gold yes, Silver probably. Antiqvities maybe. Most other things come with a high risk and I would avoid it.

Is there no way out of this? Of course there is, it is a very easy one at that. Governments, agencies and everything public need only to do one thing and everything would be fine. The only thing politicians, bureaucrats, central banks and everything else own by, driven by or highly dependent on the state needs to do is; Get the hell out of the way.

What's left 10 years from now?

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