Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stupid immigrants and other idiots

After talking to a beautiful lady the past weekend about this very subject and thinking about how national parties are gaining momentum inside this recession-wave plus the increase in the number of people blaming “someone” for unemployment it is time to examine the subject. Let’s look at this from three perspectives.

The immigrants/refugees/foreigners
A group of people running, fleeing or just moving might end up in your neighborhood. The normal thing to do for those new citizens would be to learn the local language, get a job and work themselves into the society, however this is seldom so. To a certain degree those people are to blame for being lazy idiots, but one also needs to realize that most countries have some kind of “plan” to take care of and handle the “helpless”. Often enough this little “plan” involves seeing all people that are not the norm as “helpless” and - of course - they need lots of welfare, support and “help” in all kinds of ways. Never are they left alone getting the chance of trying to make it; they obviously cannot, they are “helpless”. These “helpless” people than need to get past several obstacles on the labor markets where unions and politicians have made it very hard for people to get jobs. Minimum wage is one such stupidity making it much harder for the young ones and immigrants to get a decent job. Many of these “helpless” people are also highly educated and have degrees in this or that. In Sweden for instance several of the crossing guards and personnel at the subway are former CEO’s, doctors and nurses. Not being able to get a job for what they are trained and educated for they try to earn some money within the rules. As if it wasn’t enough being labeled “helpless” and being ignored by the labor-markets, they also, to some extent, get welfare-money and useless stupid education thingies thrown at them in addition to being driven to live among their peers out in some suburb. In other words it is not hard to see the foundation for conflicts and resentments, not mainly for the first ones arriving, they are probably just happy to have left their country/conflict or whatever, but their children ending up with the same problems and same labels will have problems. This is not an excuse for violent or lawbreaking behavior, just a fact needed to be considered into the equation.

The ethnic ones
No matter if you are Swedish, English or whatever, getting a bunch of foreign people coming to “your home country” and claiming a piece of that pie is kind of annoying. Since journalists, politicians and most economists keep claiming that there is a certain amount of money that – of course – needs to be distributed by the political system, this implies that more people living on the same pie means less all around and maybe even nil for some of the ethnic ones (horrid thought…). But some people sees thru this pie-scam and most actually do wanna help their fellow man even if it means less for oneself, so this isn’t really enough to create racism. But when it is combined with xenophobia from the elderly and the constant news-bombardment of rapes and other crimes being committed by black, hispanics or someone else to point a finger at, things start to grow. The whole situation is fueled by those little things that keep bugging the hell out of even none-judgmental people; like banning the waving of the national flag or the outlawing of certain prayers or songs that might “offend” the newcomers. In Sweden this can take absurd turns banning schoolchildren from attending church on graduation or people getting physically forced to remove the Swedish flag from their balcony. All this creates resentments and when an economic crisis, a war or something of that nature occurs; racists come out of the woodwork having a perfect little pile of animosity to dig out idiots from.

The politicians

One might believe that politicians actually have a heart and do want to help out, this is course false. Creating a large chunk of citizens dependent on the state and welfare is perfect for the ruling elite since those kinds of “helpless” people tend to support everything the government tells them and frown upon things like individuality. Also it sounds great doesn’t it? We need to help foreigners; they are unfortunate and helpless from horrifying backgrounds plus maybe even come from such poor countries as Finland or France. They need support, of course they do. They need homes, yes. They need support groups, check. They might need governmental jobs, fantastic. And no matter how great they do, becoming entrepreneurs and creating companies and work opportunities, they are always “helpless”. Also, as politician, it is really necessary to remember to always look down on those complaining about people from other countries. Everyone saying something negative, no matter if it is Grandma Agda 89y old getting mugged by a black man or a 15y girl getting gang-raped by some Albanian thugs, is a racist. Anyone saying the immigration rules are horrid is a racist. Anyone saying refugees should fend for themselves is a racist. Pretty much anyone in society that is not a politically correct politician being responsible for most of the problems, is a racist. Isn’t this a nice little setup? No one wants to be labeled as a racist so most people shout up and hardly ever complains when they actually should, all the while those resenting feelings keeps growing. Of course the immigration laws are idiotic, but one cannot say it, so people feeling this resentment and having problems with people from different cultures, get drawn towards those nationalistic and racist parties.

The solution
My solution to this problem is very simple: fuck the immigrants and fuck the refugees. If someone feels the urge to help out voluntary, do it yourselves, don’t ask me. If people need or what to move anywhere, let them, that’s their problem and if they need to learn the language, let them, also their problem. Stop making “other” people as a counterweight towards yourselves. Blacks are not more stupid than white, Australian people is not more awful than the Chinese. You are all members of the same stupid idiotic human race blaming the wrong morons for your own madness. Yes some immigrants should be blamed and if they break the law they should get punished for it. But as usual, the ones who really are at fault, is those controlling our lives, those monitoring us, those taxing and ruling us. The enemy class is very happy if you focus your attention on your neighbor because he is Muslim. Don’t let them get away with it! Don’t let them fool you! This economic crisis was created by our enemies, not by some refugees. It is not the Iranian delivering pizza you should blame for not having a job, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself how stupid you are voting for and supporting the enemy class, then go out and hate politicians, journalists and economists who’s really to blame.

I can sometimes see a beautiful multicultural wave of demonstrations through my Chrystal-ball. In this wonderful scenario people of all colors, ethnicity and religions comes together and hang those enemies from the lamp-posts and then we all live happily forever. That would be a beautiful thing but it will never happen because no matter who you are or what country you are from; you are an idiot.


  1. too much text. but i could discern that your blog sucks from it though.

  2. Pointless ramblings

  3. In opposite to a pointless comment about what Mr Anonymous feels are pointless ramblings?

  4. You know that in history there is no strong connection between regression and racism/xenophobia, right?
    To blame immigrants for economical problems is based on the feeling of lost power and becoming marginalised.
    And oh, the neo-populists have been gaining support for quite some time, even before the crash last year.

    But I do agree that it would be nice to see all "races" marching together for one united cause.

  5. I don't blame the immigrants for the economic crisis, although of course here in Sweden the immigrants cost "quite a bit" each year (both money and swedish blood). An extra (net) expense of 40-300 billion (impossible to get a clear number from our politicians of course, but my guess is closer to 300 billion) SEK each year doesn't however exactly HELP during a recession though. Of course I blame the politicians for betraying our country, I will however not march together with the other races as I have little in common with most of them (personal view, if you feel like marching: go ahead).

    You claim that Africans (blacks) are not dumber than whites, I would like to see some statistics backing that up as there are plenty backing up the opposite view. An average IQ of 84 explains a lot after all. Of course there are intelligent black people, but according to the statistics gathered...not terribly many of them.

  6. First of all the normal measurement of IQ is a volatile way of looking at intellect. Your basic intellect can be trained and if you live in an environment consistent of people with higher education, of course you are going to score higher on a test then others who are living in poverty. Maybe one could claim that African people are more stupid since they still haven’t been democratized and left the purer form of collectivism behind, but the basic brain-functions and intellect is not lower. They are as stupid as we are, we just got a head start and got to develop during capitalisms golden age, something Africa never have experienced.

    Secondly, the cost is something I’m against to, but not really in the same way you are. I think that all people should live, work and do whatever without the state, this goes for Immigrants 2. However, the "cost" for immigrants is not only a cost, most of those people coming to a certain country already have an education (which is a huge cost) and bring along a cultural exchange which should not be regarded as something bad. Also many of them actually do work and contribute, granted not as much as most in-house people, but still more than one could expect with the laws and stupid unions that exists.

    Lastly I wanna comment on you saying that you have nothing in common with people of other cultures and religions. This can only be said by someone that not really been out in the world. I have meet lots of Muslims I have more in common with than Christians. I have meet people from all over the world and lived in several countries and except for fanatics, that exists within all cultures, it is about persons and how you get along with certain individuals that matter, nothing else.

  7. this was a nice reading, apocalypse. Well put!

  8. I think I agree, lot of text ;-)
    Help thoose who help themself, dont force me to help everyone!