Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moronic Unions and the depression

While the steel- and production companies of Sweden are going from bad to worse (I told u so…) the unions are refusing to impose a salary stop for their members. This is one of the reasons why Sweden, although doing quite well at the moment, will be in a lot of trouble when the depression is hitting the world with full force. Flexibility is the key-word and if workers are not willing to stop or rather decreases their salaries they will only make the situation even worse. You cannot spend more money than the value of what you produce, which is a hard lesson now being taught to the world. I wonder when all you idiots out there will understand this very simple pre-school math? Most economists don’t so I have no hope for the rest of you morons.


  1. you are stupid ignorant and cant count.

  2. Okay, care to explain Mr Anonymous?