Sunday, May 3, 2009

The piggy depression

We had the economy going again, but darn, an almost completely harmless virus had to mess up our plans. Inflation, borrowing, messed up markets and this wee little crisis was all going to work out, then suddenly some piggy (well, mostly human, but “pigs” sounds better) virus messed things up again. Oh, well at least we have something to blame now when the depression soon hits us. I wonder if the general public is stupid enough to buy this swine-story? Yeah… of course they are…


  1. This virus has pig genome and affects both humans and pigs, perhaps you have missed that a number of pigs in a farm in Canada has contracted this virus and has been isolated?
    Or maybe you are so ignorant that you never heard of the Spanish flue that killed millions of people also was a pig flue? Scientists exhumed bodies of people diseased in Alaska and found proof of that also was a "swine" flue. But maybe you think that millions died from 1918 onwards also was a story?
    This virus doesn't care if anyone thinks pigs isn't kosher or if you don't believe in scientists and doctors in medicine.
    Maybe you're looking for proof of intelligent life on earth, but I think you already have decided.
    But from where I stand you're the next likely candidate for "The Darwin Awards".

  2. Yes, the virus probably effects both humans and pigs. I never said anything else. And no I havent missed anything. This was an ironic post pointing out that governments and journalists already are blaming some very harmless virus that kills less than Mexican food for maybe halting the economic recovery. And that they in the future with all certainty will blame it even more.

    Your intire post is unnecessary and attacks me for something I never said and you write things that have absolutly nothing to do with anything I write. So you are not proof of intelligent life eihter.