Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Forgive me for I have sinned

Today I have hold mammon as well as cupid and pretty much every other God-like entity before the so called ‘lord’

I made an idol out of drugs

I have used many wrongful words imbedded in several profanities and hurled them around together with every ‘name’ of the almighty.

I never remember the Sabbath (except the ‘black’-one coming out of my speakers)

I have stolen stuff - well according to some laws anyways.

I do covet my neighbor's wife – well, about 414 Miles southwards neighbor and not really a wife, but kind of…

And being Swedish I always covet anything that belongs to my neighbor

In addition to this I have watched porn, walked against a red light and had lustful feelings.

Still hasn’t murder anyone though, as always I leave that to those religious types calling upon Jihad, crusades or whatever.


  1. I seem to remember a story I heard where you stole half a hotel corridor....ring any bells?

  2. Well, it was actually only paintings, lamps and such just hanging around... :) And I actually returned those later... When I remembered where I put them...