Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Children being used as budget regulators

In Sweden several local councils have decided that when its going gets tough, the tough saves money on school children. When politicians have wasted away tax money on useless projects and their own salaries it is not much money left so now, when times are a bit harsh and they need to cut back on expenditures, they cut on the school budget. Isn’t this nice?

There are a hundred and more ways of cutting the public budget, but in the world of the enemy class children are easy targets. Don’t get me wrong, there shouldn’t even be a single public school. All youngsters learn at those horrid institutions is what the government wants them to learn, but in a time of crisis it is very hard to see why schools should be one of the main priorities when cutting expenditures. Isn’t it funny how in times of crisis governments and politicians always seem to find money to save among those areas that should be a main priority? Countries defense is easy to cut back on, the juridical system likewise and also education. Of course gender research, symphony orchestras and political departments spending hardly ever needs a cutback. As said before this has to do with the system itself. A political body needs to show their usefulness and the best way of doing this is to spend a lot of money which means that even if teachers are getting fired and public schools closes, the spending rate is not really lessened, they always find another hole to put money in.

I wonder where they are going to find the money to pay for all political lavish idiocy and the rest of the children when this economic crisis continues and goes over to a full bloody lasting horrifying depression?

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