Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to the ”old” threats

Since the Swine flu is losing its dangerousness every time a journalists happen to actually work for 5min it is time to find new scary things to sell papers with. Looking at Swedish news this morning there is no surprised learning how climate change is this century’s biggest threat to health and environment. We also get to learn that cancer will happen to one out of five Swedes and so on. Nothing to alarming though and the only real threat we are facing right now, the appending depression, isn’t mentioned at all even if money problems among political departments are a common ground. This begs the question what they will conjure up next? To me it is strange that the tens of millions on the road to starvation in Africa do not get more attention, but some black people dying aren’t really news. A couple of white folks dying from a very harmless flu is much more interesting that the thousands of none-white dying from tuberculosis during the same time. And it is much more fun to read about how exchanging light-bulbs can save the world than about millions about to die on the Dark Continent. We haven’t really heard that much about nuclear weapons lately, so that is a probable topic. Maybe some journalists will discover how deep in financial dodo we really are and start sounding the alarm about that? But if today’s papers are an indicator I think it is back to that hilariously madness of man-mad global warming. We haven’t seen enough ice-sheets falling lately and there is always some animal going extinct. So a good guess is that the next couple of days/weeks we will see alarm rapports about how plastic bags knocks off seagulls, some soap is killing lakes or that our consumption of snickers is hurtful to bees. And you, the idiots, will buy it as usual.

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