Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to the ’Dark’ side

I’m pretty much in ecstatic mood today. The Piratebay boys got convicted and the government and some cronies at the courthouse have shown an entire generation how things really work. In a country with objective courthouses with objective laws this ruling would never happen, but instead we have the collectivist solution with politicians making ruling in every trial. “Democracy” how it works when politicians get to decide over our lives.

You shouldn’t really blame the entertainment industry or their thugs; they are just taking advantage of highly bribeable politicians. As long as we have a society were things can change on a whim or according to what is either popular or who pays the most, this will always happen. In essence you shouldn’t even blame politicians; it is the system that is wrong. A biased government with subjective laws under pressure from subjective forces will sway or adjust decision according to opportunism and populism, always. In contradiction to this there is only one ideology and one idea promotes objectivism; and that is libertarianism. I know there is a lot of communists and socialists crying today, but those people have nothing against today’s system, in fact they would rather strengthen it.

But whatever your ideology, whatever your feelings are regarding file-sharing and whatever you think of these Piratebay people, you need to regard this trial and ruling as a travesty. There is no law whatsoever supporting this ruling and if there was one, then we are all criminals. Every company, every blogger, every politicians, everyone. We are all guilty committing crimes according to this ruling. You need to read about Stalin’ comedic “trials” he put up to convict innocent people in order to find anything this ridiculous. And this is fantastically great! We have not only seen a theatre, a spectacle and a very funny ruling, we have also seen, in one stroke, something that has done more for liberty in Sweden that anything else I can think off. Almost an entire generation have gone over to the “dark” side of the force, starting to mistrust laws and political institutions. Now we can hope these people also realize the consequence of this mistrust and take the next logical step over to liberty, equality and justice. One step is missing in order to finalize former gullible people’s transformation into true believers of a free world.


  1. För att förstå hur sv rättsystem fungerar idag läs om du kan: Jakob Brafman, Das Buch vom Kahal, 1869.
    Sv blivit som liten lydig vassal under intern skugg styrning dvs gamla hemliga sälskap som styrs av talmudisk ordn."Heskat Ushub" o lagen"Hoshek-Gamishpot sida156" o anspråk på individer"Maarufia Meronia" samt anspråk på immaterial ägande"Hazaka"- dvs Sv rättssystem blivit nickedocka hos skugg regering där bankir bestämmer räglerna som är olika(bland dom sina, sina o goym, goym-goym) - situsationen kräver motstånd o kamp för sitt rätt

  2. Soon it will be decided that anyone with an internet conetion, shoud put a yellow star on there front door.

  3. Nah, that’s old news. More likely is a bar-code in the neck and a chip in the arm.

  4. Yeah that's right apocalypse... scary shit, but that's the way it will end some day, and that day isn't as far away as we might wanna think. The suggestion was actually introduced in politics in the 70's, but was voted down because it was 'far fetched' and 'utterly insane'. Though... that's what they said about the FRA-law in that 70's as well...

  5. Det är helt sjukt alltså, och dessutom har de tydligen börjat gripa ännu flera fildelare nu