Friday, April 17, 2009

Martyr’s created - worsening the crisis is the consequence

Once again I got it right. The four accused in the Piratebay trials were found guilty today sentenced to pay damages kr30 million and apparently also imprisonment for 1 year. This is no surprise whatsoever since the “judges” are politicians appointed by their political parties and the outside pressure from other countries and ‘big business’ is tremendously high. With that in mind you need to be very trusting in the system or highly stupid not seeing this coming.

Now of course there will be an appeal and at the next court level there is real Judges making the ruling with competence and they are not under the same pressure, so any prediction of the outcome is more elusive. Most likely reduced sentences with no imprisonment will be the outcome. These guys should of course be acquitted, but that’s probably not going to happen.

The interesting thing about this is the logical consequent. What the Piratebay people have done is to provide a meeting place, a market, for “illegal” file sharing over Internet. It is very hard to see any crime in this, even if they did know (which they did) that this could be used for “illegal” activities, they are still not really the “immoral” ones. And IF they are, the implications are staggeringly bad for the government. Governments know that people get killed on the highway, still they build them. Politicians know that people fight, riot and get killed on public squares, they still build them. And how many crimes are not planed or even carried out on communities like Facebook and Lunarstorm? But it does not stop there; regular business or even political parties plan and execute illegal actions in their forums online. I can go on for a long time but it should be very obvious that in a world with justice and fairness all people and institutions building any kind of meeting place that can be and is used for crime, should also stand trial for the same "crime". This will never happen of course since this is a political trial aimed at making an example and has nothing to do with justice. Instead of justice we now get a bunch of young men that will serve as martyrs for a very long time. And this is the positive outcome. Tens of thousands of people of all ages, mostly of the younger generation, will loose trust in government and the law, which is great. To all of those people I say: welcome to the “dark” side!

But in economical terms, this outcome and eventual future convictions also have implications. Without a doubt this will mean that Sweden it’s going to loose the position as the number one Internet nation. Fewer businesses will start and many more entrepreneurs will loose the will of expanding their technical skills. And this at a time when older industries are failing and the looming crisis(soon to be depression) is hanging over us. If we look at single sets of laws – the ones being enforced now regarding technology – they are the craziest and most fascist even seen in Sweden’s entire history. Nothing can even be compared to this. Thanks to the current idiotic government future generations of elected criminals will have the perfect weapon to use for controlling, impeach and monitor the populace. And we all know what usually happens during depressions when people are starving, no jobs exist and there is no hope in sight. Those funny men with hysterical solutions for a hysterical people will emerge and with these tools in their hands… wow…


  1. haha a vegetarian organ donor... agree with what u say bout TPB. the beginning of a new dark age in swedish history.