Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wanna shiver me timbers?

The pirates are gaining support which is a good thing. Forces trying to stop the totalitarian society we are heading for must be saluted. However one poll don’t really say that much and those saying they are going to vote or are member also needs to get out and really vote comes election day.

I still have some concerns with the pirates regarding their experience and in particular their overall political agenda. Inside EU they might do some good, but they seriously need to look at their agenda and enhance it before even considering going for the Swedish parliament. But they have kind of surprised so far and might continue to do so.

In all probability I won’t vote at all, as usual, since voting implies a support to an infectious and horrible system. But if I would, to the European Parliament, the pirates would get my cross on the ballot paper.


  1. I don't know if Piratpartiet is actually going to make a dent. I think their numbers are soft, and unless they can build themselves beyond a single issue party, they're not really going to be able to do much other than pull Socialdemokraterna more towards a civil liberterian stance.

  2. I know, if you look at the reality of politics from one perspective. But one might also look at this from the perspective of impact in general. And the ramifications with Pirates gaining support and stealing a couple of places at the EU and then maybe (probably not as it looks today) get into the Swedish Parliament, that shouldn’t be underestimated. Politicians loosing seats? Oh God... That’s the worst thing they know...

  3. I have no comment on what you just wrote... ..I just swung by because I was thinking of you. :o) Ain't that sweet?

  4. You always know how to make me happy :) And you are always welcome no matter what. Stop by any time here or irl.