Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Most of you are idiots – I'm going back to the real world

This is going to be my last entry about this swine flu thingy. Since there are much more important things going on in the world and this minor flu is hardly even worth mentioning. But since most of you out there like to be spooked and seemingly loving big governments coming to the rescue, I kind of enjoy putting you baboons down. But enough is enough. There are real diseases, war, financial crisis and a lot of other stuff that is million times more deadly and much more important to put some light on.

a summary:

About 500 000 people die from flu each year

In US about 36 000 people die from flu each year
Recently, during a week (April 12-18, 2009), the American CDC confirmed 25,925 cases of influenza in the United States and 55 child deaths. No scary stories about that? Why?

In UK it is about 5000 people

In Sweden about 1500 people.

2500* people are suspected of having/had swine flu so far

There are 100 (9 according to WHO)** confirmed dead and 170** suspected dead from this flu.

(*depending on what news you read, I selected the Lowest number I could find)
(**depending on what news you read, I selected the Highest number I could find)

Let say all the dead are from swine flu and that all infected have/had swine flu. Let also say all the dead were healthy vigorous people. This would be the worst case scenario and is extremely unlikely. IF this is the case the risk of dying is 6,8%. I play those odds in a second. As I have said before, if any doctor or institute what’s a test subject, I VOLONTEER to infect myself. Just pay my buss/train/flight and I’ll be there.

And to further put things in perspective, if this goes on for a while and the death toll rises up towards thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, it is still NOTHING. Tuberculosis or malaria kills more than that each month. People die from starvation by the hundreds of thousands and we have war, poverty and all the other fun things that exist in this world. And the risk of you dying in traffic or by an accident in your own home is still far far greater. In other words, why do you idiots even care about a minor flu?

And finally, even IF this is so terrible as journalists and governments are trying to make you believe, isn’t life more worth living without worrying about some illness that may or may not infect you with a absolute maximum of 6,8% death rate?

Now I’m going back to the real world, if you maniacs still think this is so deadly and horrible, do me a favour and seek out a psychiatrist, you obviously have some issues that needs to be resolved. Maybe you can get some happy pills?


  1. I think you're in denial, it sounds like you are really scared for the flu.

    The difference between the new flu and the other plauges you mentioned is that the new flu have potential to hit the rich world hard. Thats why it have a great news value.

    My opinion is that we do not need to be worried yet. But we should take precaution. Simply denying it is not and good idea, nor saying that other illnes demands greatet death tolls.

    Your number 6,8% are depricated. It relies on the false fact that the flu will now longer develope. It's to early. You'll have to wait to a far greater number untill you can make those calculations.

    By they way, those guys who are infected, do the live in the real world. :)

  2. Moi in denial? :) Yeah, that must be it...

    The number of 6,8% is false because it is based on a worst case scenario from parts of Mexico with not the best healthcare in the world. It is also based on that this is not old and already sick, the very young and poor or something else that might lessen the defences. And since that is also the first place, precautions will be made, as you point out.

    The real number today I would say is closer to 1-2% and even IF this swine virus were to evolve in some way it is still nothing to worry about. When we starting to see a death toll around 10 000 or above in a short while (a couple of weeks), then you might take notice.

    And there is nothing wrong with those calculations, they are exaggerated and to much yes, but that also shows the worst case. The virus will never go over that number.

  3. I think we should follow Egypt's example and kill off all pigs in Sweden. Granted that the flu doesn't transfer from pigs to humans, but obviously it can transfer from pigs to egyptians and we have many egyptian-looking people in our country.

    It would be racist not to kill off all pigs. Either our politicians claim the egyptians are idiots that don't know better, or they claim the egyptian-looking people in Sweden aren't worth a few pigs.

    Vote VpK in next election, save Sweden from these racist capitalistic hate mongers!

  4. I just think the headlines are funny - journalists actually seem to think that this is the end of the world as we know it.

    Well then - so be it!

    But I guess I'm in denial too!

  5. Lol @ IllWill, Amen @Apocalypse

  6. How come all everyone talks about is the deathtoll?
    It seems like everyone is just concerned about how deadly it is, and if it's not that deadly then there's no problem?

    It's way too early to start caring comparing statistics at this stage..

    We're in an economic crisis and IF this spreads around the world infecting billions of people it will put alot of strain on society in general, especially healthcare, and those who are elderly, weak or already sick will be at high risk..

    There's also the chance of the virus itself evolving into something that is more deadly..

    The thing I am concerned about though is the rumours that healthy people with a good immune system have died from the "shock" of the immune system trying to combat the virus.
    That combined with a global pandemic does sound quite intimidating..

  7. The reason why people (and I) talk about death toll is that this is what determines how dangerous this flu is. Since it is no more deadly than any other flu, maybe even less, so far, this is nothing to be concern about. And it is not too early to watch statistics; this is the “outbreak”-period which means there are no preporations in place. It also happen to break out in areas with not the best healthcare and not really the riches parts of the world, hence it can hardly get worse that just now. However, as you rightly point out, as do I if you read some, is that this might in the future be something to worry about, not very likely, but it might. If that’s the case, we might haft to reconsider the warnings and so on, there is however no sign of this and even IF it is very hard to see that even then this might be dangerous.

    If you are concern about “rumors” I suggest you start roaming the net. There are rumors about alien invasions also, might be something to look at.

    Nevertheless you are pointing out the only real concern about this, namely that governments will take this as an excuse to impose trade restrictions and protectionism, which of course will enhance the crisis and even might trigger the depression that is coming sooner or later. To me this is kind of a good thing since it is better that the depression hits us now before socialism becomes too severe. There is a slim chance that people might understand socialism is at fault and turn towards real freedom.

  8. Trött på media/ bloggare som inte vill gräva och ta reda på fakta och orsak till virusmutationen- och påverka till en förändring..

    Globalt UPPROP! DITT stöd behövs NU..en direkt ORDER!dåligt skötta djur ger virusepedemier!
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    Globalt upprop!
    I syfte att förhindra mer och värre epidemi..
    Ditt stöd behövs nu..signerar du? Kostar inte en krona..
    Häng på!

    Ingen vet om svin -influensa kommer att bli en global pandemi, men det är klart var den kommer ifrån ..
    - mest troligt en jätte gris på djurfabrikens gård som drivs av ett amerikanskt multinationellt företag i
    Veracruz, Mexiko.

    Fabrikens gårdar är hälsofarliga på flera plan.
    Tusentals grisar brutalt ihopaträngda i smutsiga lager och besprutas med en cocktail av droger - som
    utgör en hälsorisk för mer än bara vår mat - de och deras gödsel laguner skapar perfekta förhållanden
    att föröka farligt nytt virus som svin influensa.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) och FN: s livsmedels-och jordbruksorganisation (FAO) måste
    undersöka och utveckla regler för dessa anläggningar för att skydda den globala hälsan.

    Big agrobusiness kommer att försöka hindra och ventilationsluckorna stängs
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  9. I normally delete these kinds of promotions, but okay, it is a part of the debate so I let it be. And there might be others that like these kinds of stupidities. Swine flu has been around for a long time and did not start out in some farm in Mexico. How about checking facts as you point out?

    If you had mentioned this was some kind of governmental conspiracy thingy I might be more inclined to agree, but this is just nonsense from some environmental freak. Go away, buy a ham-sandwich and do not bother my blog again.