Friday, April 3, 2009

rape is hilarious

If you ever have been raped or if you have been really close to someone that have been raped, ”fun” isn’t really the word you are looking for to describe it. But there is also something liberated in joking about things that freighted and upset us. A way to handle. Also you should never advocate that talking about something and making jokes about it never can be can funny and then try to outlaw or ban it. This is not only a question of free speech, it is also a way to shutting up discussion which in turn means you make the subject shakier around the edges and consequently making it taboo to talk about. In a way you can even make victims feel more ashamed and more hurt because you are telling them that their pain is so severe that you cannot joke about it. Now go out and buy a gun and if someone ever tries to force themselves on you, shot the bastard. When you get out of jail years later for protecting yourselves, watch these clips and enjoy it.

I’m going to get myself member of that funny facebook site that is probably getting banned for making jokes. You all have fun now.

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