Friday, April 3, 2009

Hard to formulate thoughts

I must admit I’m having very hard time writing something since all my predictions have come true and we now only can wait for this spectacle to move into the next phase. Instead I have been talking to my parents and told them to try to sell the house as quickly as possible. Don’t know if they will listen, but I will try to convince them. Have also talked to some friends to at least tell them what is going on. Most people don’t really understand the severity of our situation. To be honest I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it, despite predicting this would happen. It is hard to realize that people not only are complete morons but also that they willingly walk toward the cliff, again. History has apparently not taught us anything. If history keeps repeating itself the next phase will include the next Hitler or the next Stalin, probably several of them. And most likely people will gladly jump of the edge, just as before.

And just so you all know: United States have, during the last six months, more than doubled the amount of bills and coins, but in reality it is actually much more. And the printer is just getting warm...

Just a little reminder:
At the end of WWI the Reichmark was trading at 9:1 against the US dollar. By January of 1922 the ratio of marks to dollar was 192:1. By the time the Rentenmark was introduced in November 1923 the exchange rate was 4 four trillion marks to the dollar.

In essence; get stronger kids

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