Saturday, March 7, 2009

You got to love them

As myself and many others already have written; “peace” isn’t the thing on the mind of those poor misinterpret toddlers that didn’t get feed enough breast milk as infants. The pitiable bunch I’m talking about is those “anti-fascists” and left wing extremists that throw stones at the police when nothing is good on TV.
You can truly feel the love and tranquility of their message when they are burning torches and marching towards that evilness that is a tennis arena. There is also something profound over communists, anarchists and neo Nazis destroying things and acting together towards a common goal. It’s like they are showing us all the true meaning of brotherhood. And they are all just misunderstood members of society that through their actions of destroying and threatening actually contributes by increasing job opportunities. Someone must pick up the litter and repair what has been broken. And they also give the police something to do instead of the alternative of writing memos about people downloading movies from Internet.

And then you also have those humorous left politicians who love when their followers do naughtiness. They will never admit that in the open, but secretly they drink champagne - courtesy of the tax payers - and salute a job well done. One such politician is the communist leader in Sweden, Lars Ohly. In his speech today at the “peaceful” demonstration they hold against some athletes he is quoted saying:

“You cannot be upset over a game being played without an audience. You should be upset over Israelis crimes against humanity. It’s a disgrace. It’s pitiful. Sports and apartheid doesn’t belong together.”

Yes, the leader of the party that has supported Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all the other great leaders of our time thinks it’s a disgrace that inhabitants thinks it’s wrong to stop people from watching a tennis match. This is a man whom you never hear complaining over the fun figures like Castro or that Hamas shoots their own people on the street for saying something wrong. But some Jews playing tennis, that’s something that gets him upset.

I for one like the chaos and destruction that comes with these childish pranks and the humoristic speeches from people who really wants to start death camps. Its great entertainment. It still lacking some mayhem though, hopefully during the day and night we will see some carnage. It’s highly probably. Eagerly applauded by a couple of thousands of stupid Muslims and some politicians living of their money, these adorable youngsters will not disappoint.

The heroes can be seen here. Hard to tell if they are “anti-fascists”, “Fascists” or politicians, but who cares. We all love you guys!

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