Saturday, March 7, 2009

It’s getting closer people. Fun fun fun..

While Britain bails out yet another bank the US unemployment hits a 25-year high and one of biggest and most important businesses in the world General Electric (GE) starts stumbling. We also have a Chinese government that says they have everything under control but many economists’ thinks that they will soon start digging into their currency reserve. In Tjetjenia they are killing their women like its hunting season and in Venezuela Hugo Chavez are imposing more socialism. Have you started buying those candles and dried food packages yet? As I have said before, you are going to need them.

I also found this on the Herald Tribunes website.


  1. Haha, I agree...Putins dollar reserv has lost a lot and the old sovjet cities didnt recieve economical inrfastructure investements during the good days - now those days are over and people protests - Putin immiediately got nicer and now afaced with Afghan heroin influencing somewhat 2 Million Russians, except more protests of course.

    Chavez also didnt invest money in economical infrastructure and probably cant appease the poor with his promises of better lifes.

    Leader of Iran have to not succeded in using money wisely and faces an Islamic epidemic of prostitutes, drugs and poverty.

    All these three have calculated their popularity on oil prices above 90$ and higher world market prices on oil and metall prices reached a clear bottom for decades - if GE and GM and other fails - several milion pensioneers in US will not get their pensions...and thus creating more havoc - and dont forget the ARM and Alt A mogages which are yet to burst.
    Thus this should render in even lower world market prices on oil and metalls.

    I dont know if this blogs author like or dislike capitalism but at least in west - the last business cycle lasted 70 - or somewhat year - before crashing again...Putin, Chavez and Iran stupids, fortunate days long? I would love (none-offensive against the author and his Coala-bear) to see Iran survive on oil price of 5$...especially since all three of these lacks knowledge of maintaining oil-infrastructure and actually could cause the world to lack oil in the future.

    Just a remainder...most oil are being spent on producing and transporting --- FOOD --- !!!
    I bet the authors home nation of sweden has to chew some ice in the future...however that is more fortunate then china now lacking ground-water and are quickly using their reservoirs + of course, the dessert spreading.

    Pakistanies cutting their trees and also starting to loose water and green.

    Bangladesh could actually recieve more water - poor buggers.

    India - do I need to tell more?

  2. Interesting views on the water/food issue, not really thought about that one. Mainly focused on the more “normal” economic reality of the world. But if it is true as you say, that adds another fact to this compost.