Monday, March 2, 2009

Why I don’t vote for those Pirates

Despite having a great name that leads me to think about porn and not the sword buckling robbers (even if those porn’s also exist) and in general having a good agenda and having my full support in those political trials they are in right now, I will still not vote for them. Why? Because of three good reasons. First of all, their entire leadership board and most of their active visible members consists of men and I need my female fix. Some cute brunette from one of those Pirate movies would be great! But seriously, having some computer nerds with beards who’s only “vitamins” comes from Coca-Cola mixed with some pimply faced Tomb raider fans doesn’t really do it for me. Okay, this is a bit to judgmental and probably inaccurate in most aspects, but the ongoing trial and what you see on the net don’t really sell those guys as manly hunks. Now I’m no Adonis myself and I don’t really care about looks, but what I’m saying is that there is too much nerd solidarity over the whole project. My second reason is that their agenda and organization is a bit too loose for my taste. I have grown up with well structure organizations and I actually believe that those are best for the most part. I like to know who’s in charge so I can buy him/her beer when doing something good and slapping the face if things are going downhill. And having no real agenda accept for collecting some pro privacy and anti copyright opinions doesn’t really do it for me. Despite what some people think, I’m no fan of chaos or anarchy. I’m actually quite conservative when it comes to shove. At least it would be nice to see a couple of more questions on the table. What about healthcare? Taxes? EU? The Environment? I’m not going to vote for some loosely affiliated hackers that turns out to be Karl Marx fans. At least give us something more touchable. I also believe that when it comes to real elections this is The Pirate Party’s biggest problem. Thirdly, and most importantly; I don’t vote. To vote is to support the idiocy that makes up the evil plot of democracy. If you vote you are a part of the problem and the one who votes should never complain about anything those useless politicians do.

If those Pirate dudes finds some beautiful lady to put on the ballot I will consider casting a vote, just to increase the level of sexiness among politicians, it’s much needed. But otherwise I will relax and watch the entire headless chicken compound vote for an idiotic speaker so they can live in an idiotic society until their idiotism leads to that apocalypse I’m waiting for.

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