Monday, March 2, 2009

Mass murdering idiots

Mattias Flink, the Swedish military officer who murdered 7 people in Falun (a small town in middle of Sweden) 1994 is going to appear on Swedish TV. Apparently this made of manure idiot wants a time limited sentence and are partly doing some boohooing and partly claiming that no one gets better of sitting in jail. No one wants you to be better you a-hole! We want you to suffer, getting tortured and molested by big Bubba, preferable for all eternity. And if you ever get out of jail I really hope there is someone lurking on that grassy knoll shooting your knee caps into little pieces. Death is too easy.

I actually have some personal interest in this story. I was out on town partying that night 14,5 years ago, going by his hideout by buss on my way home at the same time as he starting shooting and I also partly did known a pair of his victims. Not closely, but still. Also I did my military service at the same military base just after that idiot had spread death around him. Well if they ever let him loose, I hope some supermarket get with the program and start selling a “Flink-box” containing pictures, a home address and some electrical appliances together with a bottle of Vodka.


  1. "history, there is dictators"


    and since there's nothing else in this misanthropic phlegm to comment on, good day to you.

  2. Thanks... needed some back to earth comments. Changed and fixed. Interesting that you choice to comment on a spelling error, but hey, we all get our kicks from somewhere.