Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taxation is robbery with deadly intent

A couple of professional robbers had their little spat on Swedish TV the other day. The argument, as so many times before, is how much – not “if” – money they are going to steal under gunpoint from the Swedish public. Then of course they are going to “decide for us” how this money is going to be wasted on different useless political councils and other project. In one corner we had the female, well sort of anyways, from the biggest oppositional party; the social democrats. She (we can call it that), as always, have tons of money. She is going to save companies, spend lots on the entire country in different ways. Basically if you move, she taxes you, and then she spends the money. Not that that is enough, she most have some magical box somewhere with gold pouring out in an endless stream.

The prime minister isn’t really better. Well, he isn’t going to rob you as much, but if he gets the chance he will still kill you. And he plays the father figure speaking about saving and waiting to see if the recession goes back. Kind of a good notion if it wasn’t for him being such a sellout. Once upon a time this guy actually believed in something, but nowadays he believes in power and administration, nothing else.

If these two come together and formed a government, no one would notice the difference. Lots of lefties and brownies might think so, but a couple of percent here and there is nothing. They both believe in taxation, in the power of the government and that the role of the politician is to lead and make others follow. They both want you to vote, they both want you to be a nice little citizen. And they will both kill you if you oppose them. If you don’t believe me in this last regard, try stop paying taxes, refuse to obey some stupid traffic laws or try to start a business without paying attention to the rules. If you do this, they come in force, if you then make fuzz, you will get hurt and possibly killed. At least a robber on the street takes your money and goes away; those politicians will also control your life and rob you over and over and over…

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