Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Environmentalist idiots again

Apparently the”middle milk” (The milk with average amount of fat, is there a better translation somewhere?) in Sweden are going to change colors to a darker one. This just to appease those back-to-nature freaks who think that turning down the worlds lights is a good idea. We should of course increase the energy usage in the world, not lowering it, but these mindless chimps would rather have people starving then a couple of lights being on too long.

And of course this stupid notion comes from WWF and of course it is the scam of manmade global warming they are opposing. This crazy notion might actually be history’s biggest lunacy and I really mean that. Okay, sure religions and socialism could be regarded as bigger idiocies, but those have some tricky things about them and I can almost get it why people get ripped off by “saving the poor”-crap and those promises of an afterlife. But this about manmade global warming is so absolutely crazy and the truth is right in front of everyone. The science isn’t hidden, the history of this planet is right there for everyone to see and there is not one single proof for what the chimps are saying. But still you buy it! If there ever was a clearer evidence for people being idiots I have never seen it.

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