Friday, March 6, 2009

Muslims, Jews and other idiots

I tried to keep away from this story but finally I couldn’t. In Sweden a local political council has decided that a tennis match between Sweden and Israel is going to be played without an audience. This because those lefties who rule that particular council detest Jews and Israel. Several demonstrations from cluster fucks like communists, anarchists, radical Muslims groups and neo Nazis (yeah, that’s right, all the fine people of this planet coming together in a beautiful harmony) is planed and have already been put into action. Apparently they want to prove they are better people then those 7 million Jews that keep terrorizing those 400 million Muslims in the Middle East. This by “peaceful” demonstrations, boycotts and by blocking this sports event.

First of all I get really annoyed by the main stream media and the Jews themselves, because as soon as someone points a finger at Israel or demonstrate against action taken by a Jewish community, people start talking about the holocaust and how persecuted Jews have been throughout history. Sometimes this is a valid topic to address when it comes to Jews, but mostly it’s not. Accept for some skinhead’s geniuses, some leftie warmonger’s and that funny Iranian regime we all agree that the holocaust and how other races and religions have treated the Jews were and are terrible. But Jews and the state of Israel have the right to be idiots too. Sometimes they do stupid things or act in a way that’s not okay and there is also murderers and rapist among Jews, like any other entity of people. So to demonstrate or badmouth the Jewish idiots should be completely okay, just like for any other idiotic religion dispite whatever UN says.

But then again, were there are some idiots, there are always worse idiots. A terrorist regime that terrorize their own people, killing those that don’t agree with their policies and takes every chance they get to kill people from another religion, is the heroes in this pile of manure. At least if you listen to left politicians and their brainless followers. And, funniest of all, they don’t care about children being massacred in Iran or that an entire people are starving in North Korea. Neither do they care about Chinas oppressive policies or the dictatorship in Cuba. A dictator rising in Venezuela is fine; great even, but a people trying to defend themselves against rocket attacks and some athletes trying to do sports, now that is evil! And of course they have their very closely linked Nazis as hangarounds. And to this mess we add some Muslim radicals and what a fine mess we have. It’s hard not to feel sorry for those Jewish idiots, not only are they fighting terrorists and several countries, they also have to coop with all the –isms on the left flank. And for the most part they only have USA in their corner.

So what to do? Well the more politically correct answer is that everyone must admit that there is a Jewish state, Israel. This state isn’t going anywhere and can only be destroyed by nuclear attacks, which will never happen because of the religious significance of the area. As long as this fact isn’t recognized by all parties, there can never be peace. Second we all need to stop toddling with all the idiots of that area. The Palestinian terrorists, the dictatorship of Iran, Syria among many others needs to be argued with and told that they are idiots. It’s not cute with a 15y old suicide bomber, it’s stupid! It’s not fine when someone sells Mein Kampf to a group of people and tells them to go out and kill Jews, it’s stupid! The Jews are not much better, sure they have “democracy” and a lot more rights for individuals and they have brought some kind of prosperity to a dessert region, but they have their share of idiots too. Don’t make complete martyrs out of them; those idiots don’t deserve it either. If these criteria’s are met, we might see some peace in the future, but how believable is that? So the less PC answers, and the one I recommend is to wage more wars, start new holocausts - from all sides – and why don’t we throw in some chemical attacks and nuclear weapons too? Lets pile up those idiocies and lets go out with a bang!

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  1. Awesome post! Almost laughed out loud when I read it!

    //Idiot Jew