Friday, February 13, 2009

Trialed, judged and convicted before the trial

There is a trial about to start in Sweden against Piratebay and its founders. The interesting thing about this is not really the unnecessary and completely stupid thing in itself. Companies, governments and so on do not have the power to stop people from sharing information over Internet, no matter what they do. The strangeness is not even the fact Piratebay do not share files, other people do, Piratebays is just a mediate or portal for that sharing. No the real fun about this story is that these guys are already convicted before the trial even started. Everyone already knows that they are going to be found guilty. How? Because of two interesting things.

First of all the outside pressure is high. USA and some European countries are putting the pressure on and some professor of criminal law argues that Sweden no longer can be a member of the Geneva Convention or WTO. So the pressure on this trial is very high and can effect Sweden’s international agreements. Pffff…

Second, and this is important. The trial (well the first one anyway) is going to be judged by politically appointment “judges” that are members of certain parties. Yeah, that’s right. Politicians are going to be the ones deciding if they are guilty or not. And how do you think they will vote in this regard? In Sweden we appoint people from the political parties to sit in the courthouses. Often its old people getting their last appointment after a long time of service to their party. Or its people with knowledge or interest in the law. But all of them, no matter the background, now need to make a judgment with their parties and the government telling them how to vote. Isn’t this fun?

So Piratebay will be convicted and will then appeal that ruling dragging this thing out for several years, while the Internet and the technology runs away and will make some or all of the rulings obsolete.

This is complete stupidity, but that’s the way of the game. Rationality and real justice does not apply. A rebellion is unthinkable, Swedish people do not know how to and are pretty happy living with dictatorship. But they, the government themselves, are going to create an entire generation of people who despises the government and the law and this is great! Hopefully some of these youngsters will hack into government files, drain the Central bank of money or some other fun thing. Maybe we will even see a courthouse go up in smoke? I’m really hoping. Not that this will change anything, it will just make the country more closed and authoritarian, that’s the only way a government knows how to react to peoples rage. But it’s one more step towards civil unrest and the Armageddon that will come sooner or later.

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  1. You are absolutely right! I am a family man that has gone from telling people to vote right to use their influence to one that enlightens people of the antidemocracy turn the government has taken. I also would like to see courthouses and preferably the parliament in flames. There is no democracy left in Sweden and there is no justice either, if you are tried for anything there are no garanties, everything is corrupt. I am confident that they will try to ban the internet pretty soon.