Friday, February 13, 2009

The absurdity of democracy

Picture the following scenarios:

If 3 wolves and 1 sheep are going to vote what’s for dinner, is it fair? If you are alone and happen to end up in a dark alley and are surprised with 2 robbers. They don’t rob you straight away; instead they let you have a chance through rising of hands. You’re two against their four. Fair? In a small village there are 100 Nazis and 99 Jews and they hold a referendum for starting a new Holocaust camp. Fair?

Most people would probably admit standing against those wolfs, robbers and Nazis. But here is a good question: why? They have only had their democratic right to vote. This is exactly what voting is about. Your neighbors’ voting about your money. The town voting if you can build your own house or not. A national referendum about saying yes or no to expropriation of all rich people’s money. Voting in general election about how much the government will be allowed to steal from you. Voting is immoral, idiotic and totally absurd, but still we regard it as a part of what is “right”. Why? I have never understood this type of “logic”.

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  1. This is comforting, apparently I'm not the only one with a brain (but I do feel lonely sometimes)

    Thanks for writing!