Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alcohol is King!

A lot of alcohol today and more to come. Politicians, abolitionists and moral guardians will always tell people that drugs (including alcohol) is bad for you. I’m convinced that those kinds of arguments are either to control your body – heaven forbid that you are able to make decisions about yourself- or that they do not want you to be happy. In a country that is swimming in despair and you hardly see the sun half the year and a country where taxes are so high you need to work for 8 months before you can start getting your own money for the work you are doing, in such a land, people need to be happy sometimes and drugs are one way to feel some happiness. And if people feel slightly less miserable they might think that there are more to life that being a slave to the state and we cannot have that.

Politicians have tried to outlaw alcohol several times throughout history, each time they failed. Swedish kings have tried it, people ended up drinking even more. America tried it in the 20’s, and never before (or after) have Americans been more drunk and in addition to this it gave birth to the modern mafia and filled jails with “outlaws”. Even Josef Stalin tried it and if anyone would succeed it is a totalitarian society where everything is controlled and people get shot for crossing the street, but nah, the Russian people drank like there was no tomorrow and the communist had to start selling alcohol again to at least keep the money going to the state instead of to the people.

In Sweden the taxes on alcohol is so high that most other people of the world cant believe it. And this for a people (sweeds) that sees vodka and beer as their favorite food. Of course there are home breweries everywhere and people are sneaking in alcohol in ships, boats and trucks and the government have succeeded again with creating outlaws were there aren’t any locking away people all over.

Let us drink. Let us be drunk and let us misuse our own bodies as we wish. If I cannot be my own king and decide what to do with my own body, then I’m in slavery. In a country where we get taxed to death, literary, people do not know what freedom is so it’s not really that surprising, but still alcohol is such a big part of the Swedish culture that if we ever are going to have some kind of liberty I believe drugs is the answer. We have not had an uprising in several centuries; banishment of alcohol might just be the trigger. Let’s go Viking on all moralistically asses and make a statement to the world: alcohol is my king!

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