Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First we take their guns, and then we take Berlin

Protect yourself? Pfff, nonsense. Government will protect you! 

There´s not often a comparison between Hitler and a contemporary leader is warranted, and every time you Godwin yourself you have sort of lost the argument beforehand. Still… It is impossible not to.

One of the key aspects of the National Socialists was to create, withheld and uphold what come to be called Hitler Jugend. Basically youth camps with self-improvement, exercise and training to help out in society and support those in need. Boy scouts really. Pretty harmless by itself, but the indoctrination and political propaganda was not.

Another key element was the control of media. Basically the Nazis were the first mass-producers of media, in all fields; radio, cinema, pamphlets, mass gatherings and so on.

Furthermore they realized they needed an external enemy – something they could get the people to rally against. Usually it’s perceived that it was the Jews, as a race, they conjured up as an enemy. Although that is true in all its stupidity, the entire story is seldom told. What is not always said is that they saw the Jews instrumental in Germany´s defeat in WW I because the banks that bankrolled both sides was mostly owned and controlled by Jews, and with a European History of blaming Jews for pretty much everything it was not such a farfetched idea as it may seem for us, today, at a first glance.

I could go on about the lunacy of the Nazis and give a further history lesson, but let me come to my main point.

Do you know what one of the first decrees the National Socialist party issued after consolidated power? They took away the people´s right to own and bear arms.

Not uncommon for totalitarian regimes to follow that very path. If you want to control the populace, you cannot have them armed and able to defend themselves now can you? So of course Stalin, Mao, Castro and Hitler (as well as many others) outlawed self-defense. Usually under the disguise of justice and wanting to bring forth a less violent society – the government can and will protect you!

And this is a concept not only used by dictators. Once you strip people of their right to defend themselves, they only have one place to go once they get robbed, raped, tricked or beaten; to their government. A gun-free society is solely based on the premise that government is and should be the only line of defense. Government is justice, government will defend you and your rights, and so government officials are the only ones allowed to carry weapons.

In a democratic state with a decent market economy and stable institutions this sort of work because we all know that criminal gangs, the Mafia and rapists never use weaponry - such things are outlawed after all, and criminals obey the law.
But even if we sometimes see the occasional butter knife in the pocket of a Hells Angel member and knowing how a soft air-gun is the weapon of choice for drug runners (unless Government provides them with alternatives), we are still left with the basic principle; Government is good, self-protection is bad.

You see this is what all those dictators understood fully. Unarmed people are easier to boss around then if armed. And this is the very essence of gun rights.

Sure you should have the right to shot would-be rapists and if someone breaks into your home, you should have a right to protect it. Also going to school knowing that teachers can, if push comes to shove, bring forth a gun and at least save most if not all of you, is a fact hard to ignore. There are a lot of reasons for people to own and carry guns, but the main reason and why gun-rights are so important, perhaps more so than any other right, is that if the government turn from being the protector to becoming the main source of evil, if a government becomes what it is supposed to protect you from, then you should have the means and the power to do something about it.

Let me clarify this once more so you understand; self-defense and standing up against criminals and rapists is secondary – so is hunting, or anything else guns can be used for. The main purpose of having an armed populace is to protect it from its own government.

This is why all totalitarians hate people with guns. This is also the main reason why most politicians, and especially people leaning to the left, hate people that advocate gun rights. If the people have guns and are willing to use them against their government, how can politicians get away with all the crap they want to get away with? In the end government may be more afraid of the people, then the people are afraid of its government – and that cannot stand.

You haft to understand this when talking about guns and things like the American constitution. Yes, guns save lives, and there are plenty ofways to prove this, but even if the opposite side would get all the facts on their side, it does not change the fundamental idea of an armed populace.

A gun can, and sometimes should, be used against both an armed assailant entering your home and against armed thugs hired by government – perhaps even against leaders and politicians.

Scary uh? Do I sound dangerous to you? Most of you probably think that I do, and guess what a government official think while reading this. Oh my, do you think I will end up on one of those maybe-terrorist lists?

But what you should be concerned about is being unarmed while constant propaganda fills media and your government takes step after step towards a very dark and oppressive future. And when (not if!) the next Hitler or Stalin comes along, you stand there with nothing to fight with it will not feel so comfy. Sure the people outnumber both the military and police 20 to 1, or more, but rushing against a machine gun is not an easy thing to do when all you have is a stone and a pitchfork. It is always easier and safer to conform and obey, perhaps even turn in your neighbor as a good little citizen.

Consequently you should not think and argue that all gun right activists are bible-thumping right-wing extremists, because they may save your life someday.

In light of this watching the pick-pocket in Chief of the white house declaring that new gun laws are needed while his Obama youths goes to camp and learn how great their leader is, should make you think twice before siding with what journalists and politicians say on the matter. Whether you think, as I do, that armed teachers and abolishing gun-free zones will save lives, or you think that is a crazy notion, please remember that such a discussion is secondary to having the people able fight their own government.

And also please bear in mind that today we have a new threat that is everywhere and strikes both abroad and nearer to home; terrorists! Sometimes they can be recognized wearing a turban and speaking Arabic, or they can be a child walking a suspicious road home from school in Pakistan, but we all know they are everywhere. A horrible foe, a dyer threat to the freedoms and a threat to our wonderful prosperity in the West. Only the existence of such heinous folk is enough to bring forth the surveillance state - after all we need to protect our habitat and if we need to slaughter millions of dark skinned people to find one or two real targets, it’s a sacrifice needed for the good of humanity.

Starting war after war, invading country after country, fighting a largely fictitious enemy, having celebrities, media and big business on his side, murdering more kids then all school shootings put together, taking away people´s rights to own guns, millions of youths passing through indoctrination camps, more and bigger government while detaining without trial or reason and even executing his own citizens, nah, Obama is nothing like Hitler…

…After all, Obama won The Time´s ´Person of the year award´ for the second time, surely Hitler would have never… oh, hold on… wait just a second… 

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