Friday, December 21, 2012

A school shooting in Sweden

In Sweden people are shot every single day, gun control works? My ass it does.. 

Apparently the Swedish police is taking preventive measures to tackle a future school shooting.

My only question is; why?

Guns are outlawed, all Swedish Schools are gun-free zones, and as our neighboring countries have proven, Norway especially, a shooting therefor becomes impossible. We know for a fact that only in bible-thumping America where guns grow on trees and every banjo playing nut-job is out to slaughter the innocent, such things occur.


Well, of course this is wrong, especially since… EVERY! SINGLE! SHOOTING! HAPPEN! IN! A! GUN! FREE! ZONE!!!

If you are a parent, regardless if you are in the U.S. in Sweden or wherever, and you don´t take action now; how will you feel after the fact? Once your kids are dead and you know they may have been saved if only self-defense had been allowed. Is the safety of your job and your fear of government bigger then how much you love your kids?

Of course teachers and parents should be armed. Of course every single woman out there should be armed. Of course every person you meet on the street should/could carry several guns. Of course guns should be allowed everywhere, all the time. That would be a safer, much safer society.

Politician’s don´t want you armed, that take away their power and if you can rely on yourself for protection, what do you need government for? And in the end you might use that gun to overthrow an oppressive and authoritarian government. Consequently you know why politician’s don´t want you carrying a gun. Has nothing to do with your or anyone else’s safety but theirs, only theirs.

The police can only, in the case of 99% of all crimes, arrive on the scene afterwards. Getting raped, robbed, murdered, or hacked into little pieces? Well, if you are lucky enough to put out a status update on Facebook so your friends can call the police or if you can call yourself before the slaughter or before that greasy smelly old rapists smack you down for a “fun time” – well then the police will arrive of course, but 10min, 15min, or perhaps 1 hour later. They will take your statement, if you are still alive, and they will try to do their job, but afterwards – after the fact.

And this really is a woman issue more than anything. A woman is physically weaker than a man and consequently THE ONLY way to equalize the balance of power is to be armed. It may be a pepper spray or you might have taken karate lessons, but since a man, especially several men, still is able to put any woman down, the only real protection a woman can rely on is a gun. If you are a feminist, advocating gun rights should be your number one priority – if not, how can you expect us thinking folk to take you seriously?

You should get a gun. Legally or illegally. That is your right, and don´t let anyone tell you differently. Get protected, protect the young, protect property rights and if anyone tries to rape, rob or kill you, shoot the bastard. So what if you get prosecuted, you are alive and you have shown the rest of the criminals that sometimes normal folk fight back. Damn your government. Damn the idiots. Get a gun! 

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  1. this is the most idiotic article i have ever read. right from the beginning there was no fact, no logic and is obviously written by a typical gun owning american idiot. 2nd amendment sheep. retard.