Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obomney leads over Mittbama while U.S. is crashing

Apparently Goldman Sachs puppet #1, the Obamination, is in a pretty good lead over Goldman Sacks puppet #2, Mittens-ney.

Not very surprising since a large portion of voters poured all their heart and hope into the only real politician left, Ron Paul, and when he and his followers were bullied, cheated and shoveled aside by the elitist sphere they refuse to vote for any of the two remaining comrades.

For Mittbama this means a loss of several percentages and consequently a lift for Oduma.

Furthermore there is a big portion of neutral and undecided voters and among them looking at the two cloned candidates were one is a rich warmongering Mormon who flip-flopp at every turn, it is not hard to see why they rather keep the current Kenyan flip-flopping warmonger. 
We don´t really know who the banksters want as President yet, presumably they want to keep their current puppet – its slightly easier than to break in a new one – but regardless grading institutes are starting to, once again, look at downgrading the land of the serfs and home of the foreclosed.

Consequently we´re looking at QE3 very soon - Look at this market levitate! All hail the Bernak!

Also the Great Leaders of the police State will be looking to conjure up a new distraction – war with Iran coming soon?

For you Americans out there, this is your last x-mas of decent pleasure. Try to enjoy it as much as possible because there will be no happy endings after 2012, its all downhill from here. 

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