Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mittrack Obomney – the goldman of ye apocalypse

As the shit barometer is rising exponentially and our Great Leaders throw a few smoggy donkey-punches around to further enhance the make-belief animosity that does not exist outside of bought and paid for media coverage, there are of course those that rejoice in times like this.

Victory cigar smoke oozing out of a musty and secret 200 West Street basement tells the whole story – what’s the point of being the main contributor of the Demopublican party´s two nominees, both the sitting pick-pocket in chief and the pretender to the throne, if you cannot celebrate once in a while?

The ongoing carnival atmosphere within the military-industrial complex should last for years since they will either keep the utmost warmongering president of all time or get an even eviler thug.
Spokespersons of and advocates of the authoritarian society will not stop drinking champagne until way into World War III, and CIA will probably double their prize for assassination – kill one, get paid for two.

Totally controlled Media and bribed journalists in the U.S. have something fabricated to report on and other media´s across the world, never checking facts or annoying statistic, can pick up such lies and copy and paste into Google translate to get stories for their own deceived readers.

Working for a living? Pfff… not within the elitist sphere. If you control the board and have either threatened or bribed most pieces on the board, why exhaust yourself with petty things like working? Besides, the world is filled with billions of idiots ready to sacrifice their lives work to pay off debts they never asked for.

One thing puzzles me though. Those deemed better should know by now where we´re heading. Some of them knew years ago and many were instrumental in creating The Greatest Depression, perhaps even intentionally. Consequently there should be plans in place for a future apocalyptical scenario.

Where will they go? How will they save themselves?

Regardless how stupid people are, regardless how much media lies and regardless of the amount of police and military ready to shoot at demonstrators, eventually the corpses of banksters, politicos, and other elitists will be dangling from every lamppost from Sidney to New York, from Los Angeles to Moscow.

When it is all said and done, when the people have lost everything and have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. Consequently either before, during or by the hands of survivors after World War III, those deemed better will all die.

A few well stacked secret bunkers may exist, but I hardly see those offering any lengthy get-out-of-hanging free cards.

So, I haft to ask; what is their plan?

What would you do if you knew you´re going to die within a couple of years by the hands of an angry mob or from a nuke dipping down by you feet?

Some of them will of course ignore reality and try to save themselves by stealing as much as possible and try to strengthen their fascist systems as much as possible. This we see a lot of at the moment with Internet, independent media, whistleblowers and a few free voices getting demonized and thrashed on a daily basis. If they have lots of power, lots of cash, and lots of hired guns to protect it while everyone opposing the system is a labeled as a MuslimPedophileTerrorist, they may think they will be safe. Of course that is an illusion, but many up high probably think that way.

But the smartest, most evil, most vile, most rich, and most instrumental behind this plot to destroy humanity, what is their plan? They surely know they cannot get away from mobs running amok.

In part I think they think they are safe since they´ve disguised themselves behind others and will let those take the blame, but partly… still… they should know they cannot survive nuclear war or decades of Depression.

So, what’s their plan? Aliens? New planet? Go underground for several generations?

Fascinating topic for speculation I would say.

All I can say with certainty is that when certain families, people and heads of certain corporations start twisting and no longer can be found among normal folk, then it’s time to head for the hills.

So pay attention.


  1. A couple of years ago I heard something about the elite building a floating city in the middle of the sea. I don't remember from who, so I don't know how much truth there could be to it, but it wouldn't be that implausible as a way of escaping lynchmobs, wars and civil wars.

  2. Hm... perhaps. At least it may give them a fighting chance. Not really seeing how it will save them in the long-run though. The only place to hide on this planet is probably on the ocean floor or Antarctica...