Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zombies will inherit the Earth

"First they came for honest working entrepreneurs; I did speak out because I was an entrepreneur. 

Then they came for the smokers, the whores, the gun owners and other honest folk; I did speak out because I was one of them.

Then they came for people wanting the internet to be free; I did speak out because I also wanted internet to be free.

Then they came for people´s last savings and our last vestiges of freedom; again I spoke up. 

Now they soon will come for the Muslims/Jews/the rich/the poor/ (*insert*) and I am still speaking up because I know where this is heading.

Finally they will come for me and then there will be no one left to speak out… “
If I were religious it may be time to eat some magic bread which transforms into the actual flesh of a 2000year old dead Jewish voodoo practitioner, so that I can be forgiven for a sin I was born with because a magic rib woman was tricked into eating a piece of fruit by a talking snake. Sadly I am not one of those.  

I could perhaps also take comfort within the warm embrace of tree hugging Malthusianism seeing as a few billions dead and the death of all forms of production and oil delivery will effectively shut down McDonald´s as well as hospitals. Going back to the caves and cut our live expectancy in half while erratically wandering the landscape in search for eatable lettuce leafs may sound good to some, but I rather chop up the people gone ´green´ and grill their thighs over a campfire then live in such a world.

 I could of course also hope for an Alien invasion or that we invent cold fusion alongside a cure to all ailments – but nah, that will never happen.

Instead I take comfort in the notion that since people seemingly are idiots and since there is no hope in sight; there is a high probability that World War III will ensue very soon and that such an event is likely to be followed by a massive outbreak of reanimated corpses. 

And even if the one eyed scot Georgi and his pal Oduma or any other evil bum bandit would survive, they will have very little land to rule and very few to steal from. Since politicians and banksters and other criminals are pretty useless when it comes to fighting the zombies they´ve created, any such survivor will not last very long either.

The dead will inherit the earth, in one way or the other. It’s a slim comfort, but hey I take whatever I can. I just wish I can be there to see it – and that’s really the last hope I cling to at the moment; that I will be alive long enough so I can sit on top of a hillside re-winding and watching old broadcasts about the world war and watch crying journalists report on all the billions dead while I am drinking vodka and nibbling on the last bag of popcorn ever made on this planet...

...Ahhh… now that is something to look forward to. 

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