Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama will stop an Alien invasion

The flu? Bah! Uploaded viruses? Ridiculous! Obama? Oh, no! let’s get out of here...

Alien invading earth is a popular theme. Books, movies, games and TV-shows have been created in mass to perpetrate this notion. Alien abductions, alien anal probes, and aliens bursting out of the chest of a space traveler are all part of our popular culture.

Oh, and just to be clear; we´re not talking about illegal aliens sneaking over the boarder to steal our jobs while living on welfare and selling drugs while committing crimes and raping our women. (Just to point out, since most don´t understand better; this passage is - mostly - based on irony)

No, these are die hard tentacle creatures from outer space hell-bent on human destruction. In best case scenario these otherworldlings will just kill most of us and use the rest of us as slaves to mine for gold and bring them piña coladas.

 However, we now have it on good authority that the Obamination have good enough qualifications and such a marvelous Curriculum vitae that he can save us. The self-anointed deity and pick-pocket in chief of the U.S. of A, has a 65% approval rating comes to battling malevolent invaders from space (of course the opposition in this case was Barack2, but still...). This according to Politico. 

And since a large portion of Americans (35%) - and similar amount of people in other countries – believes we have been and/or still are visited by Aliens; there are voters to attract. It makes one wonder if my earlier writings about revelation of alien visitation can have some truth to it. As mentioned before, one of the few things that could distract the world populace enough from the wars and The Greatest Depression is such a Sci-Fi scenario.

Personally I think our Masters will stop at nothing to keep us from stringing them up in lamp-posts, so I wouldn´t put it past them to throw a curveball like this at us in the near future. And if they can pull it off, in a believable way, they will do it. Mark my words.

In reality however it’s very unlikely that an Alien race from the far reaches of space developed intelligence on a level needed to travel faster than light and then be able (for whatever reason) to find our little blue dot and then find it necessary to wipe us out of existence. And if they do, why the hell would they be so stupid as to launch an invasion? This when all they need to do is to send down a virus or radiate us from space.

Nah, if they come here its far more likely they will watch us from far with amusement and horror.

But let’s play with the idea for a while that such an event will occur. Do you really think that we have the necessary means to create an Intergalactic Rainbow Clan of Unicorn Riders commanded by Oduma the Great and that such a fantastic bunch of heroes will be capable of fighting off spacelings? If you think that’s the case, you are a bigger idiot then even I thought.

On a final note; I do hope it happens. Alien invasion I mean. Not to save us from The Greatest Depression or make us band together against a common foe, no, I want us to go out with a bang that we were not responsible for. If humans are to go extinct let us at least do so by the tentacles of others. At the moment we are well on our way to eradicate ourselves, on our own. Wouldn´t it be much more fun and interesting to be slaughtered by Aliens?

I think so. So let´s hope for that. 


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