Monday, June 25, 2012

How see-through hasn´t this warmongering become

This time it wasn´t a fake attack using media for creating a war frenzy as in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It hasn´t been the lies that led to the slaughter of a million Iraqis. Instead it’s been a slow build-up, similar to that in Libya where CIA mercs (now in Syria) helped to fuel the rebellion. But our warmongering masters probably think it’s taking too long to convince the world opinion that Syria is ruled by hell spawns. Not even parading dead children and enlisting the help of celebrity clowns to sell another war to the public has helped. Syrian President Bashar Assad is of course evil incarnate, a Hitleresque character of pure malevolence killing orphans on a whim while his wife, Cruella de Vil, keep buying shoes with money she has stolen from the blind.

Since none of it really worked - people are getting tired of all the wars –in steps a Turkish plane.

Now you may think that such a staged event is merely to give NATO a Casus Belli and get all the allies to rally behind another war, but it’s actually not. You may also think it’s to whip up public opinion further to, somewhere down the line, attach Syria, but that’s not really the case either.

Of course both above are reasons enough, but this is more to get Russia and China to back off so The Powers That Be can get their war without needing to tangle with actual opponents. Of course one Turkish plane gunned down isn´t enough in this regard, especially not since it actually violated Syrian airspace and the Syrians were fully in their right to shoot it down.

However, it is another step.

How can the Russian and Chinese leadership take their people to another World War to protect a horrible regime that murders children and shoots down NATA planes? They can of course – so far.

But let’s say more things happen. What if “Syrian” military sinks a cruise liner? Because that neverhappen before… Or what if they violate Turkish borders again and perhaps even kill Turkish civilians? There are more than enough CIA trained operatives in the area to pull something like that off…
And what about those terrorist? Aren´t there Alky Aida members in Syria? And aren´t those terrorists planning to attack Paris? We always need to get those terrorists!

 We do not know exactly what arrangements Syria has with Russia and China — there is no formal defensive pact in place (although there is one between Syria and Iran! - A bonus! Jey!) though it is fair to assume that Russia will be keen to maintain its Syrian naval assets, a view which is supported by the fact Russia heavily subsidises the Syrian military, and has blocked all the UN-led efforts toward intervention in Syria.
So warmongering fiends of the West need enough reasons and a very strong Casus Belli and they need to promise Russia (in particular) a lot to pull this off. We are not there yet, so unless a crazy Turkish general goes berserk, this specific incident isn´t enough to start another war.

In other words; expect more!

Oh, and by the way, (totally unrelated) if you are going to fly over Syria in a passenger jet soon, I would advise against it. Just saying...

They are trying to get Syria (and Iran) to fight back and to become the aggressor, and they will stop at nothing to make it seem that way. U.S. and its partners in crime have, for all intended purposes, already declared war on Iran, so why would they ever back off now?

Our bellowed narcissists Leaders with their megalomaniac tendencies will get their war. Either with Syria or with Iran - or with both.  The buildup has been text book stuff and if you remember anything from the time before Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan it’s all so obvious now it’s bordering on pathetic.

We need to save the Syrian Chiiiiiilldreeeen!! Of course we do so by destroying their country and killing thousands of them, but they are better of getting slaughtered by NATO then their own, aren´t they? And aren´t women getting abused, raped and forced to wear strange clothing? The poor insurrectionists have no guns, unless certain intelligence agencies provide them with such. Oh, and didn´t someone say: “terrorists”? And another dictator biting the dust would be great eh?

But this time they need something extra. To both get you, the idiot, to pay for it and send your kids to die for it, and to ease the minds of Russians and the Chinese. Alas more events to follow.

And by the way (also totally unrelated) if you are planning on going to London for the Olympics, be aware of those Syrian terrorists. Just saying…

Oh… I cannot wait for this one. 

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