Wednesday, June 13, 2012

child murdering thugs of America

Fucking assholes! Mother fucking U.S. cowards!! I hope your entire country goes to hell!!! War criminals!!! Fuckinginfuckfuckilifuckfuck!!!!! 

yepp, when not hunting kids down for downloading music, killing them works to... oh, but wait? He´s just a poor Muslim right? They are all terrorists!! Let´s spend more money on this instead of saving ourselves from The Greatest Depression... yea, let´s kill some more... 
You maggoty twats!!! I’ll fuck the cranberry muffins they server at your wake!!! Fuckin insane!!! How the hell are we letting the war criminals of U.S. Fucking A get away with this slaughter!? Where is the anti-war movement!?
When they blow up New York, I will celebrate! From now on every time I see a killed American, I will jump of joy! And since I, and this guy, among others, are actually pro-American, we actually love the idea of America, what the hell do you think other people out there are thinking? You´ll get yours soon, and then I hope you all burn in hell. Yes, I am talking to all of you because if you let your warmongering arse-biscuit of President and let the horde of mindless murderers making up the military get away with this without protesting or trying to stop it, you are liable to.


  1. I agree that many Americans are fat stupid and dependent on an imposing bloated government, I see it everyday, handicap plackards, obesity, public sector unions malingering and sucking off the taxpayers, I have also been deployed to these areas and have taken care of many Afghani and Pakistani, Uzbeki innocents, most who were wounded by either Soviet mines or Taliban thugs. I believe the innocents killed by drones are few and regretable. No child or innocent deserves to die or live in fear. In the USA we still lose about 50,000 per year in auto accidents, and I believe in all our major cities homicide is endemic. We are doomed unless we dramatically change our ways.

  2. united states is bitch..!!