Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ron Paul – now an actual contender!

... Ron Paul you said..?

I posted a couple of days ago my outtake on the U.S. presidential election and the main candidates for the presidency. In that post I said that Ron Paul probably would beat MaoBama, but would never get the nomination.

I think I actually spoke too soon.

Of course the Media keep ignoring and keep trying to push Ron Paul aside, or making him out to be a nutty professor who´s unelectable. It’s starting to backfire.

I´ve seen plenty of pretty hardcore democrats saying on their blogs, on Youtube and on Facebook that they are now paying attention to Mr Paul and are actually considering supporting him. And as usual Ron Paul supporters are out commanding the internet and so drumming out the message that here´s the only real believer in freedom and that the elitist sphere is afraid – and media have, unintentionally, poured gasoline unto this fire.

Just look at this clip from the Tonight Show:

Or this one:

Even if the people reading and hearing about and starting to take notice who Ron Paul is and what he stands for don´t agree with his politics, they are so tired of the Statues Que, so tired of the power-hungry Washington elite that when media do things like this they may just vote Paul out of spite and to actually get some real change and a real politician not flip-flopping at every turn.

Georgi W-chimp actually promoted himself as a peaceful president in liege with the constitution before his first term. And the Obamination would bring home the troops, he would obey the constitution, there would be no tax increases and the torture at Guantanamo would stop. He went back on EVERY. SINGLE. PROMISE. Only the ObamaCare screw-up sort of become reality, but that to was a compromise and a watered out suggestion in the end.

With Ron Paul you know what you get. He´s never faltered, never flip-flopped, never voted against the constitution, never voted for any war. He has a track record going back decades of standing up for his beliefs and never making deals.

This will resonate very well with many American voters, once the word gets out - and Media just handed the Ron Paul campaign a golden goose!

This is going to be highly interesting. One of the last hopes for the U.S. of A. - and also the world - has taken a huge step towards an actual nomination which I thought would be impossible just days ago.

I wish I could go over and help out on the campaign trail and give all my cash to this true hero of the people. Sadly I cannot, but I hope that I at least can help out bringing more attention to this guy.

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