Friday, August 5, 2011

Mendacious non-progressional evolution theory

Yet another lie.

As my faithful readers probably know am not really a fan of conspiracy theories, but I am actually starting to wonder whether journalists (all of them) actually are willingly abiding decrees from above. How else can they miss every little obvious thing?

Yesterday I wrote the following:

“Later this week, possibly even today, we´ll get some “great news” in one regard or the other. Maybe some statistics (that later will be revised) saying that unemployment is shrinking or some such crap.”

Immediately after I´d posted the above ECB intervened on the market buying crap bonds to prevent a freefall. And today we´re reached with “fantastic” and “great” unemployment numbers from the U.S. or so media would have us believe. Of course this also got stock markets to halt their decline and turn upwards, or so they would like you to think.

Of course the brilliant investigators of the press miss that the average length of unemployment in the U.S. went up to a new ALL TIME HIGH of 40.4 weeks.

Oh and that Labour force participation rate dropped to 63.9% which is the lowest since 1984, have no meaning whatsoever. Correct?

Interestingly enough the U.S. needs to create + 150 000 jobs each month only to keep up with new labourer entering the market. A fact also ignored.

According to shadowstats the real unemployment number is today 22.7%. Even if they aren´t spot on, I´ve seen others claiming the same thing, so that number is by far more accurate than the lie of 9.1% our deceitful journalistic gnomes would like you to put your faith in.

You see good news was needed, and they delivered. First a government controlled entity throws out “positive” number and then the spin-doctors goes to work. In a few months from now they will revise this number down, as they´ve done with every statistic the latest years.

I could put on a tin-foil hat for less...

These two interventions together with more manipulations will calm things down slightly while inflation increase and more lies thrown out there is the consequence. In essence another week whereas the Greatest Depression is built upon. Ever heard the expression “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” ?

Obviously our money masters, politicos and fraudulent media haven´t.

Or... have they..?

Okay, time to leave the blogging for the rest of the day. Soon I´ll turn into another David Icke and see reptiles everywhere.

Time for vodka!

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