Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you deserve to survive the Greatest Depression?

Honestly: is death so bad?

Yes, I just haft to ask; do you really feel like you´re a person deserving existence after being highly instrumental in the demise of human life? It is a viable question.

And No this is not a question with a base within the Malthusian Manmade Global warming scam and there are no Georgia Guidestones around here as far as I know. I am only curious – so let´s have a poll shall we.

So, do you deserve to survive The Greatest Depression?

There are only two answers to relate to.

NO! – I do not deserve to survive
you have voted for the progressive leftie policies that led us to this point and you had nothing against QE, bail-outs or creating the largest debt-mountain in the history of mankind. You believe that taxation is a good thing and you think that FIAT currency is poor people’s best friend. You´re consequently a useful idiot and you listen to every tall tale The Powers That Be tells you.

Back to Whores R' Us with you. They're having a 2-for-1 special on Harry Potter dress-up games. Don´t forget to buy processed food supplements and beer so you have something when you watch the latest reality show. You´ll be sooooo surprised when all hell breaks loose, and you´ll more than likely support the Government in its effort to kill rioters and cheer on when they lock up those who complain. Let´s burn some Jews to! yey!

This should make up around 98-99% (or more) of the world’s population, so let´s see if you´re honest.

YES! – I deserve life and liberty
You´ve been against all forms of collectivism either from the start or recently had an epiphany. You´re probably a Libertarian or close to it and you see through the lies and you see through the drummed out propaganda trying to convince us that Government is the solution. At the very least you want the Gold standard back or that we actually go back to sound real money. You understand what inflation is and why debt will be our undoing. This should make up around 1-2% of the world´s population (am very generous here).


You should understand that the world is about to be turned upside down and that riots, upheaval, possible civil wars and totalitarianism on the rise will shape our near future. If this will be as bad as I think, well then nuclear WW III is a real possibility. So make your choice and please be honest.


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