Friday, July 8, 2011

Arbeit Macht Frei

shut up, keep working and be a good little citizen.

I just love it when parasitical commissars of the EUSSR are discussing how much more money they are going to lend to Greece so the Greeks can pay back earlier loans given to them from the EUSSR-zone that in turn were given so Greek governments could pay off other loans given from the same countries, loans that in turn was taken so Greek politicians could bride voters.

Loans, that to a large extent were hidden away by large banking cartels (of course with the evil squid Goldman Sachs at the forefront) so Greek governments could cheat themselves into the euro and trick other governments and markets to lend them even more money.

And like icing on a heroin induced cake its now public knowledge that EU ´adviced´ Greece to stop aiding the “ship to Gaza” foolishness as a lending condition attached. Not that I care if a few overpaid lefties aren´t allowed to give terrorists (and a few normal people) more stuff, but the audacity of the actual deal just boggles the mind.

So while Greek infrastructure is bought up by the same banking cartels that helped them cheat and fool the rest of the world, they are forced to give up national treasures and to follow the “advice” from other countries comes to foreign policies.

Next up is probably Ireland (again) whereas big banks with the aid and support of foolish governments destroyed the economy and so another, and another, and possibly another bail-out is soon due. Not to mention the Portuguese debacle which is tightly linked to problems in Spain (not yet up on the crash-and-burn scene). After that Italy, Belgium, or any other country in Europe. That is if not the pyramid scheme that is China, the totally in-debted fuckup Japan or the soon-to-crash U.S. of A get there first.

All of this can be traced back to overregulation, despotic behaviour from the Powers That Be, very cheap credits given to people/governments/businesses, and back to printing machines at central banks offices around the globe. You know, the very same “remedy” they prescribed a couple of years ago as the way out of the mess. Print more money, impose more regulations, we need bigger government and bigger banks, and we need even cheaper credits (zero interest rates!!) together with printing machines throwing out enough cash to fill up the Mediterranean.

That cash, by the way, did not go to the poor, did not go to solve unemployment or change basic faulty structures. No, almost all of it - both the borrowed and the freshly printed money – went to banks, financial institutes and governments (the very same entities responsible for the crisis) so they could go forth and buy up companies, keep GDP at fraudulent levels and be able to manipulate markets.

It’s like a Kafka novel, only much worse. Almost impossible to come up with this stuff, and completely impossible to sell to Hollywood. No one would believe the storyline. Too fictional, too out there. How could anyone believe that a plot so sinister that it make Lex Luthor schemes look amateurish had just played out right before our very eyes?

The biggest robbery and largest transfer of wealth and power in the history of this planet have just taken place, and how many of you noticed it? A few thousand libertarians did, a few hardcore socialists sort of noticed it to but as always they come to wrong conclusions.

The rest of you? Pfff... you´re too busy watching survival, American idol and such crap while nibbling on processed fatty “food”. Occasionally you will complain, at the dinner table, to your relatives, but reading about it, checking facts and actually trying to understand how robbed, fooled and fucked you´ve been? Never gonna happen.

And the few skilled people with an understanding of these shadowy dealings are pretty much ignored and/or totally bullied by media. People like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff are nothing more than a figment of your your liberty and rights...

Possibly even worse is how media (and you) keep ignoring the consequences of all of this. The fact that 12 million people in Africa are on the verge of dying from starvation and another 10-15 million only needing to take a small step to face the same faith has hardly been mentioned. Although protectionism, nationalism and extremism on the rise, no one is talking about where that leads to.

Do you remember the 1920´s and 1930´s? Perhaps have an inkling what happened back then? Or, looking at any time throughout history when unemployment have been skyhigh, (hyper)inflation was on the rise, and governments “only” had the choice between a crash now or a bigger crash later? Open a book, read a while and then contemplate what have happened before, how things look today, and what could happen soon.

What do you see?

Media, The Powers, big business and banks do tell you that "These aren't the information’s you're looking for. Please move along. Pay no attention.”

But if you really look, think, read and pay attention, what do you see?

This is what I see as a very plausible future:

I´m not saying this will happen or happen everywhere and that all life on the planet will go away, am only stating that this is very likely to occur when (not IF) those tiny little hysterical men with hysterical solutions for a hysterical people emerge.

As always you will vote for such autocrats, cheer them on and/or join their red- black- or brown- shirt squads and blame the Jews, Muslims, Gypsies, the rich, the poor, the white, the black, dwarfs, and Libertarians for all problems and then you will start camps, shot people in the neck and turn in your grandma for a pack of smokes.

You think it cannot happen again don´t you? Well, that’s because you´re an idiot and because you don´t pay attention and that’s also precisely why you will be one of those useful idiots not seeing trains going by filled with crying and soon to be dead people.

History is about to repeat itself – again!! - and I for one cannot wait for all the funnies to really kick off.

This is going to be the entertainment of a lifetime!


  1. I wanted to post a comment on this post because I have learned a lot since I wrote something to you the last time. I always fins your posts both educational, frightening and quite entertaining.

    I used to belong to the bunch who complained but never knew what was realy going on, but due to changes in my life I started to try and find out. I was at least always disillusioned enough to not believe in any government party.

    Any way, I have one small advise, since I found it suitable in the context of your blogpost. You may look at it as you want. I think about the lines about hardcore socialists sort of having seen what's going on. When I actually started to care about what was going on in the world, I first was drawn to the left, bacause I had been fed the crap about that the right was all about egoism and greed and stuff like that. And at the same time I saw a lot of leftists with good hearts and good wills, though most of them were very naive and narrowminded, just like I myself was.

    Today I refuse completely to place myself on the left/right scale. I believe it is part of the same scheme in the blamegame, to push people who really have a common enemy in the criminal elite, against each other.

    The phrase: "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" comes to mind here.

    And at the core, the wills of the left and right isn't so different either. It's a lot about being left alone in a world that is not filled with manmade injustices. But as you said, people, both to the left and the right, ofthen gets confused when it comes to what it takes to achieve this goal.

  2. You are correct. I have written a couple of things about how the far left and far "right" (actually libertarians) have a lot in common. The problem is partly that of psycology. Socialists believe that libertarians are the main fault in the world and so would never even try to find a common ground. Libertarians on the other hand blame socialist policies for pretty much everything. Even though seeing the same problems and to a large extent seeing the same enemies, this hinder in the way isn´t easy to breach.

    And even if we could, the solutions will be so far different that it will stop after it even beginns.

    Sadly this is what the elitists live on. They count on the people being devided. Once in a while a strong leader will emerge to bring people together, but otherwise we´ll never be united.

  3. Separate your writing from propoganda by REFERENCING your statements to verifiable sources. Anyone can generalize events and draw conclusions for the reader. Naomi Kline in The Shock Doctrine is a fabolous example of supporting her work with empirical (fact based) evidence. Good read as well.