Saturday, April 9, 2011

How they fool you – part II

We shoot at you

Sweden’s bloodthirsty public and the trigger happy cannon fodder of the Swedish military are at it again.

Sweden is set to purchase 15 American Black Hawk helicopters and the first of the “new” machines may be delivered within a year, according to Swedish Defence Mentalist Sten Tolgfors. According to mentalist Tolgfors this will allow Sweden to increase its military presence in Afghanistan from 2013.

So apparently the conflict which has nothing to do with Sweden, where we´re fighting “enemies” that has never done anything to us, will drag out for years to come, leading to an ever increasing body-count of Swedes coming home in caskets. This while the Swedish military are spending many millions on ads like this:

The general public, most of which are cheering on the slaughter of Muslims on the other side of the globe while, more than likely, doing drugs that stream out of said country in an increased rate, seem to have no problem with this.

Have you noticed the headlines and how journalists are writing about the Afghan war? How many words like “blood”, “raped”, “murdered families”, and “suffering children” have you read lately? How many articles have you seen pointing out that women are hurting as much today as 9 years ago? How many news reports have you seen about the exponential increase in drug trade? How many pictures, videos and articles have you seen about blown-up children or beheaded families?

Not many eh?

And one dead Swedish soldier is clearly a “tragedy”, the feeling among the other soldiers is “sadness”, and politicians are feeling ”sympathy” and “sorrow” for the soldier’s family. Very soft and comforting words. These are mixed with statistics on how the horrible Taliban have stepped up their attacks seemingly killing the innocent and, of course, murdering brave Swedish soldiers fighting for freedom and puppies everywhere.

This is brainwashing, nothing else, nothing less.

To a point it is also understandable brainwashing. From our masters point of view they need us to be complacent with how things are. From a military standpoint they of course need both public support and motivated soldiers. Journalists cannot really write that Swedish soldiers are helping with the slaughter of tens of thousands for no reason whatsoever. Wouldn’t sound that good now would it? And ordinary citizens partly have an inherited defense mechanism telling them that ‘the others’ are always the bad folk, and partly they feel more for a young Swede killed than hundreds of Muslim families butchered.

So it is slightly understandable, but nevertheless frightening. Well, kind of humorous to.

Ever heard people around you questioning how so many Germans could stand idly by when trains went to holocaust camps? Or why so many, almost voluntary, let Soviet death squads execute them? Well now you know why. You would have done the same. All of you out there who are buying the crap they are feeding us and swallowing the brainwashing, you are exactly the same sorts of people that would have stood idly by when Jews were thrown into camps.

Most of you reading this will of course dismiss my writing - you’ll feel you’ve been Godwin-ed. Also a perfectly understandable reaction. But if you feel it necessary for young Swedish soldiers to fight in a conflict that has nothing whatsoever to do with Sweden, against a supposed enemy that has done nothing to us, half across the world where there’s absolutely nothing for us to gain, what would you call it? Insanity perhaps? Maybe you just want lots, and lots of dead Muslims?

And if we really are there to help, why do we protect a regime who wants rape to be legal? Why are we letting drug kingpins in Afghanistan grow stronger for each day that passes? Why are we watching house after house getting destroyed while handing out food rations that hardly would feed a rat? Why are we helping out invading and controlling one country when there are hundreds of others with the same or worse regimes?

And the unison decision to send fighter planes to Libya is just as funny. What happened to neutrality? Why aren´t we bombing Bahrain? Saudi? Is it the oil or is it only to follow the Nobel Peace Prize winning (haha…) Obamination?

Please understand that I have nothing against the Swedish military, on the contrary. If we end up in a defensive war or if we have another situation similar to that of the 1930’s and 1940’s, I would gladly support the military. More than likely even join up myself. Actually I am even an advocate of a strong military. We need a well trained and well equipped military, probably bigger and stronger than it is today.

This is, however, not my point.

The point is that not only do we fight in foreign wars which are very shady from the start, and we do it in countries and against an “enemy” that has never done a single thing to harm us, we´re also being feed lies. The lies are important because once they get rooted and become common, they will only increase and fester over time. We need to see through the lies and demand that media actually dig for stories instead of only reporting what they are told.

I am not only talking about the obvious lies such as “they have weapons of mass destruction” or “they have ties to Al Qaida” or the ever so funny “They are evil, and we are good” –argument. No, what is even more important is what they don´t say at all.

Warmongering have reached across the pond and infested my birth-nation and I don´t like it. Frightening enough most surveys done seem to tell us that a vast majority of Swedes support both the Afghan debacle and the killing of Muslims in Libya. Why? Seriously; why?

Sweden has no riches, land or prestige to win. We have no reason whatsoever to being involved, and the lies being feed to us are so ridiculous that any fool should see through it. Are we really that thirsty for blood, mayhem and slaughter?

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