Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Devoting my love to the stupid female race

So... you want to rape me eh?

Women are apparently really stupid beings that need government protection as well as not to be allowed to go out after dark.

This isn’t something new, so it didn’t really come as a surprise that when one (or more) serial rapist/s roamed the streets of Örebro (a town in the middle of Sweden) committing 42 rapes over a period of a little more than a year, and women were told to stay at home. Apparently women shouldn’t go out, or at least not go out alone; if they do the police cannot guarantee their safety. And if they really feel it necessary to go out they need company, preferably from a military convoy.

During the same period of time 1200 assaults was reported against young men in the same city… but that’s beside the point, men are different, stronger, more trustworthy, not as slutty, so men don’t need to be warned or be told to take a taxi home and stay away from alcohol, no sire...

Anyway, back to the dumbness of the female species, it is obvious something is wrong with weaker sex isn’t it? I mean why else would they again, and again fall victim for the opposite gender? They should listen more to advice from the government and the police, don’t you think?

They are probably just asking for it - no Pussy dry that has something hard inside… But somehow men, as statistics show above, are able to stay away from trouble, so why can’t women?


Dropping the irony for a moment I do know that there actually are stupid females out there. There are a few that have no problem going drunk and alone into a dark alley at 4am while casually flaunting their breasts. And there are those that when offered candy happily jumps into the black van. Frankly I believe such atypical individuals deserve whatever they get, and I won’t shed many tears over them.

However, when reading and hearing about events like those in Örebro, two questions immediately jumps to mind.

Firstly, why do societies all across the globe react in this different way when it comes to men versus women? Why there aren’t condescending voices heard arguing that men should stay at home is a fair question.

The answer to this question is probably not as awful as one might think, at least not for anyone outside hardcore feminist circles. Right or wrong, we have an inherent automatic response system that tells us that the ‘week’, adolescent and elderly needs protection. Men, in particular young men, are considered stronger and able to fend for themselves. That this group is much more inclined to end up in trouble than their female equivalent becomes secondary when faced with a comparison. This is not a justification for the difference in reaction, but makes it partly understandable.

The second question is however, in my mind, much more serious.

If the police cannot guarantee peoples (women) safety, why are we paying taxes for this pleasure and why can’t we/women fend for ourselves?

If we take the sad fact first; you should know that rape, or any crime for that matter, can very seldom be stopped before it has happen. Police are there to protect us yes, but for the most part they are there to arrest criminals who have already committed a crime. This is one of the many reasons I, for the most part, support and feel for the police. Must be a very hard working with that knowledge in mind.

But the interesting thing here is that we can ONLY be protected by the police.

Actually we are not even allowed to rely on anyone or anything else. Militias are outlawed and so are most forms of self-defense. And, at least when it comes to women, we’re told that we are so incompetent and so defenseless that we need to stay at home or we need be told how to act in order to avoid being hurt.

I don’t know why this situation has arisen, and I am very puzzled that we let it continue.

If we stick with women and the issue of rape for a moment - can women, in any way, do anything against a pair of big thugs looking for a rape session? Of course women can, but you see they are not allowed to.

Self-defense classes? Please. If you’re a woman you need a black belt to be able to fight of one attacking man if he’s a lot bigger and stronger. Sure a lucky punch in the right place or dislocating a knee with a kick will do it, and it happens that the tiniest of creatures can fend themselves against a much bigger attacker, but is that really the odds to play? And what if there are two of them? What if there are seven of them? No black belt or training in the world will help you then, no matter what movies tell you.

There’s only one thing that make all individuals equal, regardless of size, strength or gender – a gun.

I promise you all, if every woman on this planet had a gun or was allowed to carry a gun the number of rapes would go down dramatically. Even the risk of suddenly looking into the black void of a barrel is enough to scare of most attackers, which means that not all women need to actually have a gun. So if you’re scared of them or don’t want to own one, fine, but as long as some do and it’s legal any would-be rapists need to think very hard before acting out his sick impulses.

But wouldn’t this lead to some shootings and dead folk? Well yes it would, yet another reason why rapes would go down in numbers. Rapists are often multiple offenders, shot one dead and its very likely future victims will be saved.

And, as said, guns make us equal, strangely then that those women-rights activists aren’t advocating gun rights…

As long as we allow government to be the only protector sentences like “she was asking for it” or the ever so funny “Don’t go out after dark” will be heard. Honestly, if we aren’t allowed to rely on anything other than the police, who will only show up after the fact, what else is there to say?

But if we play with the thought that many women carries a gun, the same sentences can instead be laid upon the rapist. ‘That guy really was asking for it. Trying to rape a woman with a gun. Pfffff… what a smuck!’

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