Friday, October 15, 2010

Americans – fight or flee?

You can really picture us picking up a gun and fight government don’t ya?

USA was founded by European outcasts, criminals, the very poor, the starving and religious fanatics fleeing their home countries. This mixture of people brought forth what is arguably the brightest and richest country in history – out-competing everyone and producing more science, culture and wealth than anyone before or since.

However seeing how things are slowly, but surely, turning the home of the brave into the home of the foreclosed, and how the land of the free is today nothing more than the land of the fooled, I see a future, not far from now, whereas the next emigration wave will leave north America.

The numbers ticking in are showing a dire future and so even mainstream screw-ups are starting to take notice. However reality is far worse. Much of the closing in catastrophe is still not common knowledge and the scope of the problems is still ignored by media.

Today we’re told that Confidence among chief executive officers in the U.S. is sinking to very low levels and that increasing expectations that the Federal Reserve will pump more money into the US economy next month under a policy known as quantitative easing sent the dollar to new lows against the Chinese renminbi, Swiss franc and Australian dollar. It dropped to a 15-year low against the yen and an eight-month low against the euro. The dollar index, which tracks a basket of currencies, reached its lowest level this year.

With this, and other statistics earlier mentioned, I cannot stop wondering where this will lead.

An actual rebellion is a possibility. But thinking about it, U.S. citizens are probably too jaded, and they have never actually done something of the sort before, so why would they now? The constitution has withered away and has for a long time been nothing more than a piece of paper from the past. Governments have come and gone, but their continuous intrusion into peoples lives stay. America of today is more like the countries its founders fled from than the country they founded back in 1776. If Americans haven’t rebelled before, I see no reason why they would today.

It is far more reasonable to imagine emigration as the common response to the Greatest Depression. Why? Simple, it’s easier and less messy, and Americans are fat and lazy. They want to sit down in front of the TV and watch reality shows, they want that beer and home delivered pizza, so why would they take to arms and risk getting killed? They won’t. And even if their country is going down the crapper, many Americans do have respectable educations and will be able to find good jobs in other countries.

I do think there will be minor uprisings in rural areas while lefties rally in the cities, but when all is said and done I expect that the actual revolution will be that of fleeing, not fighting. And if so a very, very sad ending to what once was the shining beacon of hope.


  1. I have lived in the US for 40 years, but this is the first time I heard that "There’s no secret that USA was founded by European outcasts, criminals, the very poor and religious fanatics fleeing their home countries."

    That is a ridiculous statement. You must have mixed up US with Australia where UK sent prisonors to get rid of them.

    People emigrated to US to get away from starvation in Europe and have freedom of religion.

    Just here in Sweden 25% of the population emigrated to America between 1860 and 1920 to avoid starvation and be able to start over again in America where farmland was given to immigrants for free.

  2. True most run away from poverty and starvation, but there were also many puritans, Jews and other religious sects. Also there were plenty of people regarded as criminals in their own countries, not only religious criminals (having “wrong” religion was a crime in Poland, Russia,etc.) but also hardened outright felons.

    Almost every Chinese arriving on the west cost would have died in prison if they’d stayed in China. Pirates and former pirates settled down in the south to take another example. Many of the German migrants were political liberals facing reprisals from their efforts in the failed uprising of 1848, is yet another.

    I am not saying those types of people were a majority, but they did make a significant contribution.

    And yes true, many fled from Sweden for the same reason i.e. starvation and religiosity, but there were also political reasons and some people, albeit fewer in Swedens case, who were regarded as criminals looking to excape justice and start over. This is a well documented fact.

  3. Dude, ever stopped to think that the FED want's the dollar to loose it's value? That would make US manufacturing cheapar abroad. A hint should have been the fact that the Obama administration has tried to force China to stop keeping down their currency artificially.

    The unemployment in the US will drop as the dollar drops. Day one in my makroekonomic class. But I guess that doesn't fit to your less then realistic world view.

    This is just another USA-bashing blog that is tangential with the real world and the real idiot here isn't you. It's me. I just wasted 5 minutes writing this comment. But I guess we all need to cast some pearls to the swines from time to time...

  4. Yes it is probably that one of the reasons for the FED to print shitloads of money is to bring competitiveness back into US economy. But even IF that would work, which it won’t, never worked before and it won’t work now, but IF it did you still need to acknowledge that what is going on is the enablement of not just bad behavior but outright lawlessness, while at the same time savers, senior citizens and those on fixed incomes are seeing their mandatory spending soar, destroying their savings. What is also going on is the creation of massive inflation and since they won’t (and hardly can’t) stop printing, we’re looking at hyperinflation and what happens with the old US of A if this becomes reality will be something out of a Zombie movie.

    Fact is also that America once was able to have a strong currency while having trade surpluses, low inflation, very low unemployment numbers, and out-competing all the rest. Makes you wonder what happen eh?

    And no, unemployment will not go down because of the dollar dropping like a stone. That wouldn’t be the case even if all the rest of the problems went away, and it will certainly not happen now with mad banksters, derivates, sky-high debt mountains and very low productivity. You see within the field of economy there is something called REALITY. And reality tells us that when the dollar goes down so does purchasing power while inflation increases more in relation. This means that Americans get poorer and even IF they had jobs to go to, the wages would haft to be horrible low to make what you’re saying a reality. Printing dollars in this manor will increase unemployment, not reduce it.

    You see unlike you I do have a higher education in economics, but even more important I understand it. The only thing that goes on right now is Bernanke GIVING MONEY TO FRAUDULANT BANKS while hoping that spending will take off before hyperinflation sets in. This is not only foolish, it’s complete and utter madness.

    He’s destroying America and Americans is letting him do it.