Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lies, damn lies and funny lying

You are being lied to. Maybe this revelation isn’t really news, but what you don’t know is the scale of it and you certainly don’t know the consequence.

What I am talking about, in this case, is how the global economy really is doing.

Time and again I’ve pointed out the faults and the deliberate miscalculations we are feed through media. Basically nothing we have been told holds true. This is a small recap of things you should know and it is important that you do. Important because they will continue to lie to you, even when your city is burning and every market in the world is crashing they will continue to lie. You need to call this bluff otherwise our impending financial disaster will be followed by political disaster and quite possibly another world war.

The Romani is already targeted. Muslims too. Greedy oligarchs are also feeling the heat, although in their case it is partly a justified public rage. The real enemy, the class of übermenchen controlling our lives while lying about everything, hardly gets a nudge. See the enemy, see through the deceit, or doom us all.

Two examples:

Remember how the EU organized stress tests for commercial banks? An examination of the banks' disclosures indicates that some banks didn't provide as comprehensive a picture of their government-debt holdings as regulators claimed. Some banks excluded certain bonds, and many reduced the sums to account for "short" positions they held—facts that neither regulators nor most banks disclosed when the test results were published in late July 2010. Some banks' figures also were whittled down by accounting for "short" positions they held in various countries' debt. For example, if a bank held €100 million of Greek debt and €25 million of short positions in Greek debt, the gross figure was listed as €75 million.

So what does this mean?

Well as several examples reveal many banks are holding lots more debts that the test shows i.e. if any government/country defaults (or close to it) the problem for the banking sector and certain banks are a lot bigger than we were told. Media ignored this. Of course.

There is also another problem with this. Because if many big European banks holds, for example; Greek treasuries, it makes them less inclined to actually force out the bad investments in the light of day. This means that the hidden losses that are still not accounted for - comes to Greece in this example – will probably never be public knowledge. Until the real mayhem starts that is...

And finally the findings undermine the primary goal of the stress tests — namely, to reassure investors and bankers world-wide the soundness of Europe's financial system (This was actually the point. They are lying. Remember?).

We are already seeing warning signs that the costs of insuring many bank and government bonds against default in countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Italy have jumped above their pre-stress-test levels. This just months after the stress test was released.

We have also recently learned that Société Générale, a market-maker for Irish sovereign bonds on behalf of the National Treasury Management Agency, has suggested that Irish banks could default on a limited amount of "state-owned" debt after the government blanket guarantee expires on 29 September. Isn’t that special?

Another example of a similar cover-up we find in the housing market. And this goes for pretty much every country out there. We are meet by statements like “there is no bubble”, “things are picking up, people are borrowing and buying again”, “the numbers were better than expected”. All of this is lies. Many of them deliberate lies.

The banks are lying because many of them are buying and selling housing to and from themselves. Yeah, that’s right. They do this in part to cover their losses and in part to keep prices on the market up. This is certainly true for Britain, the US and in China, but rest assured, your country’s banks are in on this scam as well.

Politicians and central banks are lying because the housing market is probably the most important foundation of our modern Ponzi economy. If people aren’t borrowing and buying homes, the economy is screwed. But even more interesting the economy is resting on the notion that home prices will go up. The more we borrow and the more we spend, the better the economy. Or so the enemy class is telling us.

You haft to know that the unfortunate reality is that home prices cannot appreciate, over long periods of time, at a rate that exceeds the growth in income among the population. Because that is impossible. A mathematical impossibility. However they do lie to you saying that borrowed money is as good as earned money and as long as people pay back there are no worries.

They also lie to you ignoring the fact that, historically speaking, the price of a home has been about three times that of people’s annual income. This line of about three times our annual income, on average, has been true in every country and regardless of time in history. The ONLY time this hasn’t been true is during times maddening bubbles. Today, in most countries, this correlation between income and house prices is totally maddening. In Sweden and UK the cost for a home is over 9 times the annual salary. In the US over 8 times. And our masters want to increase this discrepancy even further.

These are just two of many examples of lies we are being told. There are many, many more. When you add them all together, even with a conservative and positive outlook, the only conclusion you can draw is that the world is only two steps away from the worst depression ever seen.

They know this. That is probably the biggest lie they don’t want you to see through. They, in part, told us about the problem when they threw trillions of dollars around in stimulus after stimulus. All the bail-outs and printing of money they conjured up were to “save us” from such a bad scenario. The problem is that in “saving us” they increased the Debt Mountains, they increased public ownership and increased the regulations and made - only - yet another ‘quick fix’. Another dose of heroin pumped into the financial system to keep it from convulsing. This while the underlying problems have continued to spread and increase.

Only the fact that there are trillions of derivatives out there with no value that could, and should, crash is a fact that should horrify you. I’ve seen calculations arguing that the sum is close to 100 trillion USD. If true this alone is enough to plummet us into a depression much worse than that of the 1930’s.

Take out a calculator. Take a look around. Compare markets; look at the Baltic Dry cargo index. Think for a moment about how things work. Take a close look at the Spanish housing market. Ask questions about how much, and were the Greek debts are.

When/if you do this you’ll soon realize that we are heading for a fall. A huge never ending crash of such magnitudes that anything before in history will be dwarfed by it.

This isn’t a conspiracy or an opinion. It is a mathematical and actual fact.

And when you come to this conclusion think about who is really responsible. Is it really pesky Muslims? Did really a bunch of gypsies do this to us? Are Jews really responsible? Did these problems really come from immigration? Are business owners the real culprits? Think with an open mind because the ones mentioned here (and probably some other group) will be blamed by many, and certainly by the elite. The elite is never wrong, there’s always someone else to blame. ‘Scape-goats will emerge. Don’t buy it. See through the lies so we don't repeat history... again...

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