Thursday, September 9, 2010

He´s wrong

One political leader in Sweden has said he has a hard time seeing any difference between the anti-democratic racist party and the anti-democratic communist party. Of course the lefties are going through the roof on this one wondering how the guy can’t make the distinction.

I do wonder the same myself. The so called “racists” in this case do sprung from neo-Nazis and have strange ideas about collectivism and democracy, but all in all they are not that much different (today) in comparison to the rest of the political bunch. In any case, even if they were openly fascists they would still not hold a candle to communists.

So of course this particular political leader was wrong in his statement. Making a choice between the political party that has been dubbed “racist” or the communists isn’t a choice.

I would prefer Muslim fundamentalists over communists’. I would rather eat a cactus covered in manure than even think the thought of voting communist.

The worst ideology, the worst mass murdering thought of all human history VS a supposed “racist” party that’s really just like all the rest? That’s not a choice, the comparison isn’t even relevant.

The “racists” may very well be racists, some of them are in any case and from my experience their followers are complete morons. But in this case they stand as shining beacons of sanity and normality in comparison with the nastiest people that has ever inhabited this planet.

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