Thursday, July 1, 2010

The destroyers are at it again

The Swedish central bank has decided to raise its key interest rate by 0.25 percentage points to 0.5 percent. This is a continuation of the Faustian deal the four-winged soul suckers at the central bank have been up to lately.

You see first they lowered interest rates down to zero in order to inflate the housing bubble and keep spending up (debt, debt, debt...). At the same time they threw 200 billion at the commercial banks, just for the fun of it and for the reason of increasing inflation. With this they have practically destroyed what was left of the economic fundaments. Now, just as the world is about to go of the deep-end and the depression is gaining momentum again they increase interest rates. Presumably to increase fluctuations - which is a good thing for big banks and certain shadowy groups but is horrible for the common man. Then they can lower the rates again when the depression wave hits and it looks like they are actually doing something.

Well, yes they are, they are destroying our future.

These people should be on the very top on your hit-list.

Comes the future and you’re roaming the countryside looking for food and work and feeling delusional and angry. Well, then it is the central bank people that should be the first ones you think of. Politicians in general and the useless zombies of the press should also be on your mind.

And please remember to mark any graves so the rest of us know where to stop for a piss and a little jig.

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