Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garlic Criminals fight the system

Time to score some garlic…

The Swedish customs and excise has exposed a smuggling operation which operates across the EU and has Sweden among its destinations.

The good in question? Garlic.

Yeah, that’s right. High EU import tariffs have rendered the humble vegetable, a must have for a range of culinary dishes, a valuable commodity.

What have Transylvanians to say about this one?

To circumnavigate the punitive tolls, the shipments of garlic are instead fenced (ha-ha) through Norway, a country which allows duty-free imports, before finding their way onto the streets of Sweden and other EU countries. Recently a shipment of 22 pallets of the offending onion was recently seized in Svinesund in western Sweden during a daring custom raid.

Do I even need to comment further on this hilarious story?

When are governments going to learn? If people want something, it may be drugs, vodka, porn or garlic, they will get it. It doesn’t matter what the punishment is or what the righteous elite says. In the history of mankind bans on sort after goods have always, without exception, failed. It has never worked and it will never work.

There are only two possible explanations for our masters to try this idiocy again and again. Either they are the most idiotic people around or they want to make people into criminals. Idiots they could be, but not that dumb. Instead the second choice is far more likely.

The more laws, the more criminals.

and that's the way uh ha uh ha the government likes it uh ha uh ha

The harsher the punishment, the more power to government.

and that's the way uh ha uh ha the government likes it uh ha uh ha

Politicians want you to break the law, not follow it. This is the truth and you better wake up and smell the garlic before it is too late.

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