Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What truly makes a woman equal

Wanna rape me?

Organized rape is a tactic used to denigrate and repress political prisoners and victims of war and it is often under reported due to the stigma attached to being a victim of this crime in many parts of the world. Rather than existing as a side effect of war, in countries such as Darfur, Pakistan, Peru, Serbia and Rwanda mass rape has been systematically used as a tool for ethnic cleansing, to spread HIV, extract information and to terrorize rival tribes, movements and dissidents.

This isn’t something new, history is filled with slaves from wars and females being raped or submitted to unspeakable horrors at the hands of conquers or, as is also a persistent factor, by their own men.

One thing has actually changed this...

Not that rape will ever stop existing, there will always be rapists - female and male rapists. Always has and always will. Nothing will change that. However the main reason why women are more susceptible to rape is a physical disadvantage.

I know there are a lot of feminists out there claiming it’s a man’s world and so women are automatically prey. To a certain degree I need to agree with that basic assumption, but that actually goes for all humans, of both sexes. Actually men are much more likely to be beaten up, murdered, killed or be subjected to a crime than women.

But talking about rape it is much more common that the offender is male and the victim is female. And as said at the start, often this is used as a ‘tactic’ in wars and ethnic cleansings.

Since a couple of hundreds of years back, and certainly today, one thing has change the disadvantage women has against men. A tiny female can do nothing against a pair of big hairy thugs, right? Wrong!

Self-defense classes? Please. If you’re a woman you need a black belt to fight of one attacking man if he’s a lot bigger and stronger then you. Sure a lucky punch in the right place or dislocating the knee with a kick will do it, and it happens that even the tiniest of creatures can fend themselves against a much bigger attacker, but is that really the kind of odds you like to play? And what if there are two of them? What if there’s seven of them? No black belt or training in the world will help you then, no matter what the movies tell you.

Having training and by avoiding being alone, drunk, and stumbling around in high-heals in a dark alley at 4am will go a long way. That would make you more confident, and maybe, just maybe put you on pretty equal terms with one attacker.

I know of a couple of women that has never even been faced with unwanted sexual advances. Such females are actually, and sadly, not so easy to find. Most women do get attacked, taken advantage off or ends up in an unfortunate situation one time or the other. What is clearly the common traits for those women I do know that has avoided such things are self-confidence, self-reliance and a clear aura of “don’t try anything buster or I will bite your dick off” –attitude. Also, it should be pointed out, none of them are feminists.

However, attitude, some training and not jumping into the van because someone offers you candy isn’t always enough. And it certainly isn’t when there’s a war going on.

There is however one thing that makes all humans equal, something that will make a single petite woman much stronger than any two hairy thugs.

A gun.

I promise you all, if every woman on this planet had a gun or was allowed to carry a gun the number of rapes would go down dramatically. Even the potentiality is enough to scare of most attackers, which means that not all women need to actually have a gun. So if you’re scared of them or don’t want to own one, fine, but as long as some do and it’s legal any would-be rapists need to think very hard before doing something.

But wouldn’t this lead to some shootings and dead folk? Well yes it would, yet another reason why rapes would go down in numbers. Rapists are often multiple offenders, shoot one dead and its very likely future victims will be saved.

And this argument holds true all throughout. The people of Ethiopia or Haiti don’t need money, they’ve got aid coming out of their ears, never helped before, and it won’t help now. But give all the normal people a gun each and watch the status que change overnight. I am not saying guns would save the starving, no, of course not, but it will make their oppressive leftie governments to think twice before raping, pillaging or taxing them and that in the long run will help.

This isn’t a universal solution. I know this is an easy argument to make and it won’t solve all problems, not by far, but it will save lots of women (and men).

And, as said, a gun makes us equal, strangely then that those women-rights activists aren’t proposing and advocating gun rights. That has an explanation too, you see most such groups are formed by socialist ideas and the thing a socialist fears more than anything is if the people are armed. It is much better to have lots of raped women than a populace confident enough and armed enough to actually say no to government.


  1. Pedofili + homosexualitet = sant? Tja, om inte annat så studera det (i synnerhet) homosexuella män säger om "unga pojkar", Richard Wolf är den som mest tydligt uttalat sig om sin kärlek och åtrå för "unga pojkar". Och förresten, hur kommer det sig att de flesta som åker dit för pedofili med mycket små barn, ofta gör det med just...pojkar? I alla tider så har just homosexuella män hyllat och åtrått pojkar, fanns ett skäl varför homofili var förbjudet förr.

  2. By the way I also heard, I don't know who would like to try that but, that rape is not a sexual act, it is a violant act. so if a woman acts like she wants to have sex, the man will not do it because he doesn't have the self-confidence to do that. but of course maybe it would lead the raper to kill the woman. but that was the theory.

    Anyway, as a woman I would feel more safe if I depend on a gun than on my acting skills.

  3. @doublecorona
    What? Våldtäkt är våldtäkt, men ditt ämnesval har rätt lite med saken att göra. Vill du springa runt misstänka bögar för det ena och andra är ditt problem. Du vet vad man säger om såna som är homofober va?

  4. @Saya
    Perhaps you're correct. Don't know, not a rapist myself, at least not against the unwilling.

    And yes, acting may take you a long way, but a violent criminal that wants to rip you to pieces won't really stop no matter how good of an actor you are. The gun is the safe bet.

  5. Wouldn't a knife accomplish the same thing but more effectively? Now, I'm hardly an expert in this field but I would imagine that a rape isn't really a situation where you can pull out a gun. When do the victim realise that they're about to be raped? Probably when the rapist is already too close for a gun to be effective. The only situation I can think of that actually sounds reasonable is a group a men converging on a lone women doing some kind of "You gonna get raped"-routine. Comparisons of rape statistics between Sweden and a more gun liberal country like the United States would be appreciated. Right now you're just speculating.

  6. Intressant ämne! Tror dock inte att vapen löser problemet med våldtäkt - män behöver få in i sina skallar att de inte har MAKT över kvinnor. Att våldtäkt ALLTID är fel.
    Och det är definitivt dags att införa längre straff för sexuella övergrepp.

  7. Vilket liv: Män och män. Sådana generaliseringar luktar feminism lång väg. Men om vi ska generalisera så kan vi konstatera att fler män än kvinnor röstar på partier som vill införa strängare straff för våldsbrott medan fler kvinnor än män röstar på partier som vill dalta med samma brottslingar.

    Med andra ord är det kvinnor som behöver få in något i sina skallar, och det är att deras partisympatier får återverkningar i verkligheten.