Thursday, April 15, 2010

What trickery is this?

Sorry I’ve been absent of late. Been reading up on history, checking the financial numbers and trying to figure out what is actually going on. Also been planning for yet another move - to my sixth country in as many years, hopefully more permanent this time. Not really the desolate island with bananas I was looking for, but a step in the right direction.

Anyway, I cannot really pin-point each and every scam out there, but the math doesn’t lie and so something isn’t right in the state of the world.

As I have said before on many occasions the markets crashed last year, just as I predicted many years ago, but I thought they would only be able to cover it up until about now and then it would be all downhill. The first time I said the real crash would happen during the spring of 2010 I think was back in 2000, and I’ve kept to it ever since.

Granted, when looking at this outcome several years ago, I didn’t know what schemes they would pull out of their hats, so this unprecedented spending-spree and very hot-going printing presses didn’t really occur to me. Well, they did, but not at this level.

But even factoring in such nightmarish schemes, it shouldn’t matter; in fact it should only make things much worse and increase the depression into the giant Tsunami that it also have become. So how are they covering this up and for how long can it last? And even more importantly; why are the numbers all wrong and who is behind all the lying and deceit?

You see the math tells us that things have never been this bad. Never.

The correlation of trade surpluses and trade deficits between countries doesn’t match up. Strange sudden spikes on markets that should be going down. Gold that doesn’t exist is getting sold in massive amounts to secret buyers. Weird consumer loan blips. Banks are buying housing from themselves to keep prices up. Governments are buying treasuries from each other (even more so from themselves) in order to cover up that the debt market is overcrowded. Inflation (the real one) is eating into people’s purchasing power but somehow the borrowing and spending continues.

With so many countries not only owing 100% or more of GDP in debt, but also have long-term debt-obligations and pensions that is on levels in ratio to GDP on 3-400% or more (UK is close to 400% in total debt, excluded private and business debt). Stock markets are highly overvalued but are still continuing upwards.

I could go on for a long time, but to summarize, things have never looked worse than they do right now. The fundamentals are horrific; our producing power is continuing down, the debt mountain is going for the moon. It should be crashing and burning right now. But it isn’t. And since the math and the fundamentals don’t lie, something else is going on here.

There are only two things that can explain deviating numbers and why the world continues onwards.

Firstly governments are in cahoots. They are working together in order to cover up how bad it really is. They do this by buying treasuries from each other, or have their banking pals do it for them. They manipulate trade- and market numbers which they only can do if they do work together. They can keep the market optimistic by using spin-doctors and the faulty numbers they’ve fabricated and by appealing to the feeble minds of the general public. They also use minor crisis’s, like Greece or Iceland, to hide the real problems. While we’re focusing on the, in these circumstances, small problems they are sweeping away whistling jaunty tunes and telling us that there’s nothing to see here. And you don’t need to be a conspiracist to figure out that they use terrorists and wars for the same reason.

Secondly there’s something in the works here that no-one knows about. Call it an alien conspiracy, Illuminati trickery or reptilian cover-ups if you will, but there is probably a more mundane explanation to it. Lately the money flow towards IMF, the lying statistics and the strangeness of sudden spikes point to something big.

Have Japan already crashed? Is Spain being hold up by manipulators? Is the UK real-estate market totally bogus and about to fall apart? Or are they getting together and handing money over to China so the Chinese can buy up everything in sight and “help” the world economy? I don’t know, but there’s something going on.

In the meanwhile the debts continue to be accumulated, the regulatory fascism comes to internet increases each day, and governments are seemingly looking towards Kim Jong Ill for inspiration.

This we do know; the next crash is just around the corner and this time around there’s nothing they can do about it. There’s no more inflating of the bubbles, no more borrowing and the printing press will only create hyperinflation. I am sure they will try it all again with negative interest rates money-piles everywhere and more fictitious borrowing. However, it won’t work. There’s no power left in that sort of Keynesianism.

In Sweden it is clear that neither the government nor the opposition have any clue what is going on. Right now about 150 billion is needed to be saved in the government’s budget, interest rates should be forced up to 7-8% and every state owned business should be sold when there’s still time for it. I do hope, whomever you intend to vote for, that you hold these elected criminals responsible for not doing the right thing. You’ll soon understand why…

They have walked us all off a cliff and handed us an anvil. But before this cartoony end is upon us they will find some scape-goats to blame, more distractions for you to keep an eye on and some new schemes worthy of Stephen King to keep them in power.

If I had to guess, this is the reason why we’re not in a full out depression right now, they are consolidating power and coming up with new trickery before we find out what they have done.

I’ll let you know when I have figured this out. Until then I urge you all to get stocked up and get armed. This is going to be ugly.

Now… we’re did I put that toothbrush?


  1. you are quite frightening...
    as you say, things seems to go for the better, at my workplace we go overtime to manage all the orders that suddenly are coming in, but with the things that goes on behind the political curtains, one doesn't know what to expect...

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