Friday, April 16, 2010

Invisible Empire

As said before, I don’t buy all of this conspiracy talk. But some of it is true and the quest for a New World Order is one of those truths.

You don’t haft to buy into everything and eat it all up, I don’t, but the general idea and the basics are true and real. And in my mind the gloomy forecast of our future that is painted in this movie is in the making and will soon be a reality, and you don’t need to live in a trailer with a tin-foil hat on to see this coming over the horizon.

If the New World Order is a Malthusian dictatorship being created by shadowy figures or if you believe it to be a benign UN creation is up to you to decide, either way it is coming.

So this movie is a good way of getting one side of the coin. Really good information throughout but as usual with these sorts of production I cannot help feeling the moviemakers miss some additional facts and they don’t always back up their claims in a way I as a product of academia feel is adequate.

Oh, and who the hell cares if the Bush family and their friends are all gay? They are fascist idiots no matter who they fuck. Why was that in the movie? Stupid.

Maybe they should choose one part of this conspiracy thought and elaborate on that? But then again, it has been done before and by others, so I would see this flick as a good way of getting a wake-up call.

Watch it, it is worth the 2+ hrs

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